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Mark William Calaway, better known by his ring name The Undertaker (sometimes shortened to simply Undertaker or Taker), is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and is the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. He joined World Championship Wrestling(WCW) as "Mean" Mark Callous in 1989. When WCW did not renew Calaway's contract in 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation. After debuting as Kane the Undertaker, the name was shortened to The Undertaker and he has remained with the company since.

Birthday    :   1965-03-24
Place Of Birth    :   Houston, TX
Alternate Name    :   Undertaker
Known Movie/TV Credits    :   Unknown
Last Appeared In    :   Unknown


WWE Crown JewelThe Undertaker2018-11-02
WWE Super Show-DownThe Undertaker2018-10-06
WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018Undertaker2018-04-27
WWE WrestleMania 34The Undertaker2018-04-08
Nature BoyHimself2017-11-07
Kurt Angle: The Essential CollectionThe Undertaker2017-08-01
WWE Wrestlemania 33The Undertaker2017-04-02
WWE Royal Rumble 2017The Undertaker2017-01-29
WWE: Best Pay-Per-View Matches of 2016The Undertaker2017-01-17
Surf's Up 2 - Wave ManiaUndertaker (voice)2017-01-17
Randy Orton: RKO Outta NowhereThe Undertaker2016-11-15
WWE WrestleMania 32The Undertaker2016-04-03
WWE Survivor Series 2015The Undertaker2015-11-22
WWE Hell in a Cell 2015The Undertaker2015-10-25
WWE SummerSlam 2015The Undertaker2015-08-23
WWE WrestleMania 31The Undertaker2015-03-29
The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackdownThe Undertaker (voice)2015-03-17
WWE: Attitude Era: Vol. 2The Undertaker2014-11-03
WWE : Brothers of DestructionThe Undertaker2014-10-07
Undertaker: The Streak 21-1Undertaker2014-05-09
WWE WrestleMania XXXUndertaker2014-04-06
WWE: The Best Of In Your HouseThe Undertaker2013-05-27
WWE WrestleMania 29The Undertaker2013-04-07
WWE: Undertaker 20-0 - The StreakThe Undertaker2012-07-23
WWE WrestleMania XXVIIIThe Undertaker2012-04-01
WWE: The Best of King of the RingThe Undertaker2011-12-13
WWE: The Big Show: A Giant's WorldThe Undertaker2011-09-23
WWE: DX: One Last StandThe Undertaker2011-04-05
WWE: WrestleMania XXVIIThe Undertaker2011-04-02
WWE Bragging Rights 2010The Undertaker2010-10-24
WWE Hell In A Cell 2010The Undertaker2010-10-03
WWE Night of Champions 2010The Undertaker2010-09-19
WWE: The Undertaker's Deadliest MatchesThe Undertaker2010-06-08
WWE Wrestlemania XXVIThe Undertaker2010-03-28
WWE Elimination Chamber 2010The Undertaker2010-02-21
WWE Royal Rumble 2010The Undertaker2010-01-31
WWE TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2009The Undertaker2009-12-13
WWE Survivor Series 2009The Undertaker2009-11-22
WWE Bragging Rights 2009The Undertaker2009-10-25
WWE Hell in a Cell 2009The Undertaker2009-10-04
WWE Breaking Point 2009The Undertaker2009-09-13
WWE WrestleMania XXVThe Undertaker2009-04-05
WWE No Way Out 2009The Undertaker2009-02-15
WWE Royal Rumble 2009The Undertaker2009-01-25
WWE Survivor Series 2008The Undertaker2008-11-23
WWE Cyber Sunday 2008The Undertaker2008-10-26
WWE No Mercy 2008The Undertaker2008-10-05
WWE SummerSlam 2008The Undertaker2008-08-17
WWE One Night Stand 2008The Undertaker2008-06-01
WWE Judgment Day 2008The Undertaker2008-05-18
WWE Backlash 2008The Undertaker2008-04-27
WWE WrestleMania XXIVThe Undertaker2008-03-30
WWE Undertaker 15-0The Undertaker2008-03-18
WWE No Way Out 2008The Undertaker2008-02-18
WWE Royal Rumble 2008The Undertaker2008-01-27
WWE Armageddon 2007Undertaker2007-12-16
WWE Survivor Series 2007The Undertaker2007-11-18
WWE Cyber Sunday 2007The Undertaker2007-10-28
WWE Unforgiven 2007The Undertaker2007-09-16
WWE Backlash 2007The Undertaker2007-04-29
WWE WrestleMania 23The Undertaker2007-04-01
WWE No Way Out 2007The Undertaker2007-02-18
WWE Royal Rumble 2007The Undertaker2007-01-28
WWE Armageddon 2006The Undertaker2006-12-17
WWE Survivor Series 2006The Undertaker2006-11-26
WWE No Mercy 2006The Undertaker2006-10-09
WWE: History of the WWE ChampionshipThe Undertaker2006-09-05
WWE The Great American Bash 2006The Undertaker2006-07-23
WWE Judgment Day 2006The Undertaker2006-05-21
WWE WrestleMania 22The Undertaker2006-04-02
WWE No Way Out 2006The Undertaker2006-02-19
WWE Royal Rumble 2006The Undertaker2006-01-29
WWE Armageddon 2005The Undertaker2005-12-08
WWE No Mercy 2005The Undertaker2005-10-09
WWE SummerSlam 2005The Undertaker2005-08-21
WWE The Great American Bash 2005The Undertaker2005-07-24
WWE WrestleMania 21The Undertaker2005-04-03
WWE Holiday Tribute To The TroopsThe Undertaker2005-03-28
WWE No Way Out 2005Undertaker2005-02-20
WWE Royal Rumble 2005Undertaker2005-01-30
WWE Armageddon 2004The Undertaker2004-12-12
WWE Survivor Series 2004The Undertaker2004-11-14
WWE No Mercy 2004The Undertaker2004-10-03
WWE SummerSlam 2004The Undertaker2004-08-15
WWE The Great American Bash 2004The Undertaker2004-06-27
WWE Judgment Day 2004The Undertaker2004-05-16
WWE WrestleMania XXThe Undertaker2004-03-14
WWE: Undertaker: He Buries Them AliveThe Undertaker2004-01-27
WWE Survivor Series 2003The Undertaker2003-11-16
WWE No Mercy 2003The Undertaker2003-10-19
WWE SummerSlam 2003The Undertaker2003-08-24
WWE Vengeance 2003The Undertaker2003-07-27
WWE Wrestlemania XIXThe Undertaker2003-03-30
WWE No Way Out 2003The Undertaker2003-02-23
WWE Royal Rumble 2003The Undertaker2003-01-19
WWE No Mercy 2002The Undertaker2002-10-20
WWE The Videos Ramped Up Vol. 1The Undertaker2002-10-01
WWE Unforgiven 2002The Undertaker2002-09-22
WWE SummerSlam 2002The Undertaker2002-08-25
Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Hulk Still RulesThe Undertaker2002-08-20
WWE Vengeance 2002The Undertaker2002-07-21
WWE King of the Ring 2002The Undertaker2002-06-23
WWE Judgment Day 2002The Undertaker2002-05-19
WWE Insurrextion 2002The Undertaker2002-05-04
WWE Backlash 2002The Undertaker2002-04-21
WWE Wrestlemania X8The Undertaker2002-03-17
WWE No Way Out 2002The Undertaker2002-02-17
WWE Royal Rumble 2002The Undertaker2002-01-20
WWE Vengeance 2001The Undertaker2001-12-09
WWE Survivor Series 2001The Undertaker2001-11-18
WWE No Mercy 2001The Undertaker2001-10-21
WWE Unforgiven 2001The Undertaker2001-09-23
WWE SummerSlam 2001The Undertaker2001-08-19
WWE InVasionThe Undertaker2001-07-22
WWE Judgment Day 2001The Undertaker2001-05-20
WWE Insurrextion 2001The Undertaker2001-05-01
WWE Backlash 2001The Undertaker2001-04-29
WWE WrestleMania X-SevenThe Undertaker2001-04-01
WWE No Way Out 2001The Undertaker2001-02-25
WWE Royal Rumble 2001The Undertaker2001-01-21
WWE Armageddon 2000The Undertaker2000-12-10
WWE Rebellion 2000The Undertaker2000-12-02
WWE Survivor Series 2000The Undertaker2000-11-19
WWE Unforgiven 2000The Undertaker2000-09-24
WWE SummerSlam 2000The Undertaker2000-08-27
WWE Fully Loaded 2000The Undertaker2000-07-23
WWE King of the Ring 2000The Undertaker2000-06-25
WWE Judgment Day 2000The Undertaker2000-05-21
WWF: The Rock - The People's ChampThe Undertaker2000-04-25
Beyond the MatThe Undertaker1999-10-22
WWE SummerSlam 1999The Undertaker1999-08-22
WWE Fully Loaded 1999The Undertaker1999-07-25
WWE King of the Ring 1999The Undertaker1999-06-27
WWE Over the EdgeThe Undertaker1999-05-23
WWE No Mercy (UK) 1999The Undertaker1999-05-16
WWE Backlash: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1999-04-25
WWE WrestleMania XVThe Undertaker1999-03-28
WWE Rock Bottom: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1998-12-13
WWE Capital CarnageThe Undertaker1998-12-06
WWF: The Rock - Know Your RoleThe Undertaker1998-11-24
WWF: Undertaker The PhenomThe Undertaker1998-11-24
WWF: Eve Of DestructionThe Undertaker1998-11-24
WWF: Three Faces of FoleyThe Undertaker1998-11-24
WWE Survivor Series 1998The Undertaker1998-11-15
WWE Judgment Day: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1998-10-18
WWE Breakdown: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1998-09-27
WWE SummerSlam 1998The Undertaker1998-08-30
WWE Fully Loaded: In Your HouseUndertaker1998-07-26
WWE King of the Ring 1998The Undertaker1998-06-28
WWE Over the Edge: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1998-05-31
WWE Unforgiven: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1998-04-25
WWE Mayhem in ManchesterThe Undertaker1998-04-03
WWE WrestleMania XIVThe Undertaker1998-03-29
WWE Royal Rumble 1998The Undertaker1998-01-18
WWE D-Generation X: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1997-12-07
WWE Badd Blood: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1997-10-05
WWE One Night OnlyThe Undertaker1997-09-20
WWE Ground Zero: In Your HouseThe Undertaker1997-09-07
WWE SummerSlam 1997The Undertaker1997-08-02
WWE In Your House 16: Canadian StampedeThe Undertaker1997-07-06
WWE King of the Ring 1997The Undertaker1997-06-08
WWE WrestleMania 13The Undertaker1997-03-23
WWE In Your House 13: Final FourThe Undertaker1997-02-16
WWE Royal Rumble 1997The Undertaker1997-01-19
WWE In Your House 12: It's TimeThe Undertaker1996-12-15
WWE Survivor Series 1996The Undertaker1996-11-17
WWE In Your House 11: Buried AliveThe Undertaker1996-10-20
WWE In Your House 10: Mind GamesThe Undertaker1996-09-22
WWE SummerSlam 1996The Undertaker1996-08-17
WWE King of the Ring 1996The Undertaker1996-06-23
WWE In Your House 8: Beware of DogThe Undertaker1996-05-26
WWE WrestleMania XIIThe Undertaker1996-03-31
WWE In Your House 6: Rage in the CageThe Undertaker1996-02-18
WWE Royal Rumble 1996The Undertaker1996-01-21
WWE In Your House 5: Seasons BeatingsThe Undertaker1995-12-17
WWE Survivor Series 1995The Undertaker1995-11-19
WWE SummerSlam 1995The Undertaker1995-08-26
WWE In Your House 2: LumberjacksThe Undertaker1995-07-22
WWE King of the Ring 1995The Undertaker1995-06-25
WWE WrestleMania XIThe Undertaker1995-04-02
WWE Royal Rumble 1995The Undertaker1995-01-22
WWE Survivor Series 1994The Undertaker1994-11-23
WWE SummerSlam 1994The Undertaker1994-08-29
WWE Royal Rumble 1994The Undertaker1994-01-22
WWE Survivor Series 1993The Undertaker1993-11-24
WWE SummerSlam 1993The Undertaker1993-08-30
WWE WrestleMania IXThe Undertaker1993-04-04
WWE Royal Rumble 1993The Undertaker1993-01-24
WWE Survivor Series 1992The Undertaker1992-11-25
WWE SummerSlam 1992The Undertaker1992-08-29
WWE WrestleMania VIIIThe Undertaker1992-04-05
WWE Royal Rumble 1992The Undertaker1992-01-19
WWE This Tuesday In TexasThe Undertaker1991-12-03
WWE Survivor Series 1991The Undertaker1991-11-27
Suburban CommandoHutch1991-10-04
WWE Battle Royal at the Albert HallThe Undertaker1991-10-03
WWE WrestleMania VIIThe Undertaker1991-03-24
WWE Royal Rumble 1991The Undertaker1991-01-19
WWE Survivor Series 1990The Undertaker1990-11-22
NWA The Great American Bash 1990"Mean" Mark Callous1990-07-07
NWA Capital Combat 1990Mark Callous1990-05-19
NWA WrestleWar 1990"Mean" Mark Callous1990-02-25
Tv Series
WWE 24The Undertaker2015-01-26
WWE SmackDown LiveThe Undertaker1999-04-29
Poltergeist: The LegacySoul Chaser Demon1996-04-21
WWE RawThe Undertaker1993-01-11
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