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Square Dance (1987)

Release Date : 09 Jan 1988

Director    :   Daniel Petrie
Writer    :   Alan Hines (screenplay by), Alan Hines (based upon his novel by the same name)
Stars    :   Jason Robards, Jane Alexander, Winona Ryder, Rob Lowe
Genre    :   Drama, Romance
Runtime    :   112 min
Box office    :   N/A
Content Rating    :   PG-13
Awards    :   N/A

Rating :
 : 5.5 /  10


Gemma is 13 years old lives with her grandpa in the country, she has for many years. One day her mother shows up, and wants to take Gemma to the city. Her mother is married now, and can provide for Gemma. Gemma goes with her mother. In the city she gets to know Rory, an mentally disabled boy. They play together, imagining that they are married.

  • 6/ 10
  • 5/ 10

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