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One Minute Past Midnight (2004)

Release Date : 01 Oct 2005

Director    :   Celia Galán
Writer    :   Celia Galán
Stars    :   Stan Robinson, Alexander Perkins, Haruka Kuroda
Genre    :   Short
Runtime    :   12 min
Box office    :   N/A
Content Rating    :   N/A
Awards    :   1 win

Rating :
 : 6.4 /  10


Steve and Robert do the night shift in a 24 hour store in the year 2057 and right away I had this mapped out as a self referential post modernist Sci-Fi story down to the reason that the first words to come out of the characters mouths are to do with these old science fiction movies and how modern everything would look in the future where everyone would drive around in cars that could fly and where people would wear plastic clothes and I can distinctly remember as a child looking forward to the year 1999 when you would be able to get a job on Moonbase Alpha with Commander Koneig . I digress . That's not how the story pans out though and I found myself slightly puzzled as to why it had to be set in the future because the story would have been equally engaging and successful if set in the present day Bob has mentioned that he has the feeling that writer/director Celia Galan Julve knows what they're talking about and that's my distinct impression too . ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT isn't a Sci-Fi story at all - It's a very human story about fear for the future . Will someone he spends their nights awake be able to go back to the routine of functioning during the day and sleeping all night ? Perhaps the most poignant and recognisable subtext is having regrets not on what we've done but what we didn't do . This short also boasts a very impress score that almost had me on my feet dancing too

  • 6.9/ 10
  • 6/ 10

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