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R-Point (2004)

Release Date : 13 Aug 2004

Director    :   Su-chang Kong
Writer    :   Su-chang Kong, Yeong-woo Pil
Stars    :   Woo-seong Kam, Byung-ho Son, Sun-kyun Lee, Won-Sang Park
Genre    :   Action, Horror, War
Runtime    :   107 min
Box office    :   N/A
Content Rating    :   R
Awards    :   1 win.

Rating :
 : 6.1 /  10


On 07 January 1972, the South Korean base in Nah-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon presumed dead. The high-command assigns the veteran and decorated Lieutenant Choi Tae-in to lead a squad with eight other soldiers and rescue the missing soldiers from the R-Point. When they arrive in the location, they have a shooting and defeat a Vietnamese woman with a machine gun in a trench. Later, they find a tombstone telling that one hundred years ago, Chinese killed Vietnamese, dropped them in a lake and built a temple over the place, being a sacred location to the Vietnamese. While chasing the missing soldiers, weird things happen with the rescue team.

  • 6.3/ 10
  • 6/ 10

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