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Even Money (2006)

Release Date : 19 Nov 2008

Director    :   Mark Rydell
Writer    :   Robert Tannen
Stars    :   Kim Basinger, Forest Whitaker, Nick Cannon
Genre    :   Crime, Drama
Runtime    :   113 min
Box office    :   $64,458
Content Rating    :   R
Awards    :   1 nomination

Rating :
 : 5.6 /  10


Gambling: Carolyn, a novelist, is losing her family's savings at the slots; she's befriended by a close-up magician who dreams of making it big. A murdered bookie has the cops focused on Victor, who fronts for the mysterious, never-seen Ivan. Augie and Murph, two other bookies ply their partnership, which is endangered by an offer from Victor to Augie and by Murph's girlfriend's rejection of his violent vocation. A mechanic, in debt to his bookies, asks his basketball-playing brother to shave some points. A paraplegic cop sees all. Will anyone reach their dream? The odds are against it.

  • 5.8/ 10
  • 34/ 100
  • 5.5/ 10

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