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The Body (2013)

Release Date : 22 Sep 2013

Director    :   Paul Davis
Writer    :   Paul Davis (screenplay), Paul Fischer (screenplay)
Stars    :   Alfie Allen, Hannah Tointon, Christian Brassington, Jack Gordon
Genre    :   Short, Comedy, Horror
Runtime    :   17 min
Box office    :   N/A
Content Rating    :   N/A
Awards    :   2 wins & 4 nominations.

Rating :
 : 6.4 /  10


The tale of a murderer (Allen) who uses the cover of Halloween night to causally transport his latest victim from the scene of the crime to his final resting place. Wrapping the body in tarpaulin and dragging it through the busy streets of London as a bloody Halloween prop, all goes to plan until an old school mate (Brassington) recognises the murderer and drags him along to a swanky Halloween party nearby, where a chance meeting with a beautiful girl (Tointon) takes his evening on an even bigger turn for the bizarre!

  • 6.9/ 10
  • 6/ 10

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