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Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, CBE, CStJ (born May 27, 1922, died June 7, 2015) was an English actor and musician. Lee initially portrayed villains and became famous for his role as Count Dracula in a string of Hammer Horror films. Other notable roles include Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man (1973), Francisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), Count Dooku in Star Wars episodes II and III (2002, 2005) and Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001–2003). Lee considers his most important role to have been his portrayal of Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the biopic Jinnah (1998). He is well known for his deep, strong voice. Lee has performed roles in 266 films since 1948 making him the Guinness book world record holder for most film acting roles ever. He was knighted in 2009 and received the BAFTA Fellowship in 2011.

Birthday    :   1922-05-27
Place Of Birth    :   Belgravia, Westminster, England
Alternate Name    :   Кристофер Ли
Known Movie/TV Credits    :   Unknown
Last Appeared In    :   Unknown


Drácula BarcelonaHimself2017-10-05
Dark Glamour: The Blood and Guts of Hammer ProductionsHimself / Various Roles (archive footage)2017-08-06
Angels in Notting HillThe Boss / Mr. President (voice)2015-10-02
Extraordinary TalesNarrator (voice) (segment 'The Fall of the House of Usher')2015-06-25
Face of UnityHimself2014-01-01
The Trail of DraculaHimself2013-12-12
The Girl from NagasakiOld Officer Pinkerton2013-11-11
Night Train to LisbonFather Bartholomeu2013-03-07
The Fall Of The House Of UsherThe Narrator2012-11-09
Everything or NothingHimself2012-10-05
Dark ShadowsClarney2012-05-08
Enzo Ferrari 1898 - 1988Narrator2012-04-13
HugoMonsieur Labisse2011-11-22
The Wicker TreeOld Man2011-08-27
The ResidentAugust2011-02-10
Season of the WitchCardinal D'Ambroise2011-01-07
Burke & HareOld Joseph2010-10-29
The HeavyMr. Mason2010-04-08
Alice in WonderlandThe Jabberwocky (voice)2010-03-03
TriageJoaquín Morales2009-11-27
Glorious 39Older Walter Page2009-11-20
Boogie WoogieAlfred Rhinegold2009-06-17
The Color of Magic2008-10-02
The Color Of Magic2008-10-02
Star Wars: The Clone WarsCount Dooku (voice)2008-08-05
The Golden CompassFirst High Councilor2007-12-04
Hollywood ChineseHimself2007-03-18
Ein Leben wie im FlugHimself2007-03-15
The Adventures of Greyfriars BobbyThe Lord Provost2005-10-29
Corpse BridePastor Galswells (voice)2005-09-12
Cameras in Middle-EarthSelf2004-12-14
The Passing of an AgeSelf2004-12-14
The Story of Star WarsCount Dooku (archive footage)2004-08-18
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingSaruman (extended edition)2003-12-01
J.R.R. Tolkien: Origins of Middle-EarthSelf - Saruman2003-11-18
Drácula en la HammerChristopher Lee2003-11-04
Cameras in Middle-EarthSelf - Saruman2002-11-12
Weta WorkshopSelf - Sarumon2002-11-12
Costume DesignSelf - Saruman2002-11-12
From Book to ScriptSelf - Saruman2002-11-12
The Fellowship of the CastSelf - Saruman2002-11-12
Quest for the RingHimself2001-11-29
Sleepy HollowBurgomaster1999-11-18
JinnahMohammed Ali Jinnah1998-11-07
Tale of the MummySir Richard Turkel1998-03-19
Soul MusicDeath (voice)1997-05-12
IvanhoeLucas de Beaumanoir1997-01-12
Welcome to the DiscworldDeath1996-12-31
The StupidsEvil Sender1996-08-08
Alisea and the Dream PrinceAzaret1996-02-01
A Century of Science FictionNarrator1996-01-01
100 Years of Horror: The Frankenstein FamilyHimself / Host / Narrator1996-01-01
100 Years of Horror: The Count and CompanyHimself / Host / Narrator1996-01-01
100 Years of Horror: The Walking DeadHimself / Host1996-01-01
100 Years of Horror: Scream QueensHimself / Host / Narrator1996-01-01
100 Years of Horror: Girl GhoulsHimself / Host1996-01-01
MosesPharao Ramses1995-12-20
Funny ManCallum Chance1994-11-10
A Feast At MidnightV. E. 'Raptor' Longfellow1994-11-01
Police Academy: Mission to MoscowCommandant Rakov1994-06-09
Death TrainGeneral Konstanin Benin1993-04-14
Double VisionMr. Bernard1992-12-02
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading LadySherlock Holmes1991-12-06
Fear in the DarkHimself / Narrator1991-10-29
Curse III: Blood SacrificeDoctor Pearson1991-05-10
Journey of HonorKing Philip1991-04-27
The Rainbow ThiefUncle Rudolf1990-09-01
The Care of TimeKarlis Zander1990-08-26
Gremlins 2: The New BatchDoctor Catheter1990-06-15
Treasure IslandBlind Pew1990-06-08
Honeymoon AcademyLazos1990-05-11
The MiserCardinale Spinosi1990-04-01
The French RevolutionSanson1989-10-01
Murder StoryWillard Hope1989-09-24
The Return of the MusketeersRochefort1989-04-12
Fall of the EaglesWalter Strauss1989-01-01
Dark Mission: Flowers of EvilLuis Morel1988-08-18
The GirlPeter Storm1987-08-07
The DisputationKing James of Aragon1986-12-21
JocksPresident White1986-11-14
Mask of MurderChief Supt. Jonathan Rich1985-10-15
Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf BitchStefan Crosscoe1985-08-28
Fright NightDracula (archive footage)1985-08-02
The Many Faces of Sherlock HolmesHimself - Presenter1985-01-01
The Rosebud Beach HotelMr. Clifford King1984-11-02
The Bengal Lancers!Sir James Hunter1984-06-01
House of the Long ShadowsCorrigan1983-06-17
New MagicMr. Kellar1983-01-01
The Return of Captain InvincibleMr. Midnight1983-01-01
The Last UnicornKing Haggard (voice)1982-11-19
Massarati and the BrainVictor Leopold1982-08-26
Safari 3000Count Borgia1982-05-01
An Eye for an EyeMorgan Canfield1981-08-14
Evil Stalks This HouseHost1981-07-12
The SalamanderPrince Baldasar, the Director of Counterintelligence1981-01-01
Desperate MovesDr. Carl Boxer1981-01-01
Once Upon a SpyMarcus Valorium1980-09-19
1941Capt. Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt1979-12-13
Bear IslandLechinski1979-12-05
Jaguar Lives!Adam Caine1979-08-09
Arabian AdventureCaliph Alquazar1979-07-08
The PassageGypsy1979-03-09
Nutcracker FantasyUncle Drosselmeyer1979-03-03
The PirateSamir Al Fay1978-11-21
CaravansSardar Khan1978-11-02
Circle of IronZetan1978-07-25
Return from Witch MountainVictor Gannon1978-03-10
Starship InvasionsCaptain Rameses1977-10-14
End of the WorldFather Pergado / Zindar1977-08-01
Airport '77Martin Wallace1977-03-11
Meatcleaver MassacreOn-Screen Narrator1977-03-01
Dracula and SonLe prince des Ténèbres1976-09-14
To the Devil a DaughterFather Michael1976-03-04
Killer ForceMajor Chilton1976-01-14
The KeeperThe Keeper1976-01-01
In Search of DraculaHimself / Vlad Tepes / Count Dracula1975-05-15
The Man with the Golden GunFrancisco Scaramanga1974-12-01
The Four MusketeersRochefort1974-10-31
Diagnosis: MurderDr. Stephen Hayward1974-01-01
The Three MusketeersRochefort1973-12-11
The Wicker ManLord Summerisle1973-12-01
The Satanic Rites of DraculaCount Dracula1973-10-01
Dark PlacesDr. Ian Mandeville1973-05-01
Poor DevilLucifer1973-02-14
The Creeping FleshJames Hildern1973-02-12
Nothing But the NightCol. Charles Bingham1973-01-01
Horror ExpressProf. Sir Alexander Saxton1972-09-30
Dracula A.D. 1972Count Dracula1972-09-27
Cuadecuc, VampirHimself / Count Dracula1972-05-05
UmbracleThe Man1972-01-01
Death LineStratton-Villiers, MI51972-01-01
Hannie CaulderBailey1971-11-08
I, MonsterDr. Charles Marlowe1971-11-01
The House That Dripped BloodJohn Reid (segment 3 "Sweets to the Sweet")1971-02-22
Scars of DraculaDracula1970-11-08
The Private Life of Sherlock HolmesMycroft Holmes1970-10-29
Julius CaesarArtemidorus1970-06-04
Taste the Blood of DraculaDracula1970-05-07
One More TimeDracula1970-05-01
Count DraculaDracula1970-04-03
Scream and Scream AgainFremont1970-02-13
The Bloody JudgeLord George Jeffreys1970-02-05
The Magic ChristianShip's Vampire1969-12-12
The Oblong BoxDr. J. Neuhartt1969-06-11
The Castle of Fu ManchuDr. Fu Man Chu1969-05-29
Curse of the Crimson AltarJ.D. Morley1968-12-01
The Blood of Fu ManchuDr. Fu Man Chu1968-08-23
The Devil Rides OutDuc de Richleau1968-07-20
EveColonel Stuart1968-07-19
Theatre of DeathPhilippe Darvas1967-11-01
The Torture Chamber of Dr. SadismCount Frederic Regula / Graf von Andomai1967-10-05
Five Golden DragonsDragon #41967-08-03
The Vengeance of Fu ManchuDr. Fu Manchu1967-05-25
Island of the Burning DamnedGodfrey Hanson1967-05-01
The Brides of Fu ManchuFu Manchu1966-12-16
Circus of FearGregor1966-04-29
Rasputin: The Mad MonkGrigori Rasputin1966-03-06
Dracula: Prince of DarknessCount Dracula1966-01-09
The Face of Fu ManchuDr. Fu Man Chu1965-08-06
The SkullSir Matthew Phillips1965-06-09
Ten Little IndiansMr. U. N. Owen (voice)1965-05-11
Dr. Terror's House of HorrorsFranklyn Marsh (segment "Disembodied Hand")1965-02-23
The GorgonProf. Karl Meister1964-10-18
Crypt of the VampireCount Ludwig Karnstein1964-09-14
The Castle of the Living DeadCount Drago1964-08-05
The Devil-Ship PiratesCaptain Robeles1964-05-15
The Whip and the BodyKurt Menliff1963-08-29
Horror CastleErich1963-08-15
Challenge the DevilMephistoles1963-05-28
The Devil's AgentBaron Ferdi von Staub1962-09-01
The Pirates of Blood RiverCaptain LaRoche1962-07-31
The Puzzle of the Red OrchidCapt. Allerman1962-03-01
Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly NecklaceSherlock Holmes1962-01-01
Hercules in the Haunted WorldKing Lico (Licos)1961-11-16
The Devil's DaffodilLing Chu1961-07-20
Taste of FearDoctor Pierre Gerrard1961-06-05
The Terror of the TongsChung King1961-03-15
The Hands of OrlacNero the magician1960-12-01
Too Hot to HandleNovak1960-12-01
The Two Faces of Dr. JekyllPaul Allen1960-10-24
The City of the DeadProf. Alan Driscoll1960-09-09
Beat GirlKenny King1960-08-21
Uncle Was A VampireBaron Roderico da Frankurten1959-10-28
The MummyKharis, the Mummy1959-09-29
The Treasure of San TeresaJaeger1959-07-21
The Man Who Could Cheat DeathDr. Pierre Gerrard1959-06-15
The Hound of the BaskervillesSir Henry Baskerville1959-05-04
Corridors of BloodResurrection Joe1958-12-01
DraculaCount Dracula1958-05-22
A Tale of Two CitiesMarquis St. Evremonde1958-02-07
Battle of the V-1Brunner1958-01-01
Bitter VictorySgt. Barney1957-08-28
ManuelaVoice (voice)1957-07-18
The Curse of FrankensteinThe Creature1957-06-25
Fortune Is a WomanCharles Highbury1957-03-13
Ill Met by MoonlightGerman officer at dentists1957-03-04
The TraitorDoctor Neumann1957-03-01
The Truth About WomenFrancois Thiers1957-01-01
Beyond MombasaGil Rossi1956-10-29
Port AfriqueFranz Vermes1956-06-18
Alexander the GreatNectenabus (voice)1956-03-28
Private's ProgressMajor Schultz1956-02-17
Storm Over the NileKaraga Pasha1955-12-26
Alias John PrestonJohn Preston1955-12-14
The Cockleshell HeroesSubmarine Commander Alan Grieves1955-11-16
The Dark AvengerFrench Patrol Captain at Tavern (uncredited)1955-09-11
That LadyCaptain1955-05-11
Police DogJohnny, a constable1955-05-01
Cross-RoadsHarry Cooper1955-02-01
Moby Dick RehearsedA Stage Manager / Flask1955-01-01
Innocents in ParisLieutenant Whitlock1953-07-22
The Top and the BallFather1953-01-01
Moulin RougeGeorges Seurat1952-12-23
Babes in BagdadSlave Dealer1952-12-07
Paul Temple ReturnsSir Felix Raybourne1952-11-24
Top SecretRussian agent1952-11-10
The Crimson PirateJoseph (attache)1952-08-27
Valley of the EaglesDet. Holt1951-09-26
Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.Spanish Captain1951-04-10
Prelude to FameNewsman1950-05-02
They Were Not DividedChris Lewis1950-04-24
Trottie TrueHon. Bongo Icklesham1949-09-29
Scott of the AntarcticBernard Day1948-11-29
Corridor of MirrorsCharles1948-07-24
Penny and the Pownall CaseJonathan Blair1948-06-26
A Song for TomorrowAuguste1948-06-08
One Night with YouPirelli's Assistant1948-04-25
HamletSpear Carrier (uncredited)1948-03-25
Tv Series
JonTronStefan (archive footage)2010-10-06
Rhythm of Life2008-05-05
The Colour of MagicDeath2008-03-23
Pope John Paul IIKardinal Stefan Wyszyński2005-12-04
Willkommen bei Carmen Nebelhimself2004-01-31
Top GearFrancisco Scaramanga (archive footage)2002-10-20
In the BeginningRameses I2000-11-12
Wyrd SistersDeath1997-05-18
The OdysseyTiresias1997-05-17
IvanhoeLucas de Beaumanoir1997-01-12
Blue Heelers1994-01-18
Around the World in 80 DaysStuart1989-04-15
Shaka ZuluLord Bathurst1986-10-24
The Far PavilionsRao-Sahib1984-04-22
Faerie Tale TheatreKing Vladimir V1982-09-11
Goliath AwaitsJohn McKenzie1981-11-11
Wanna bet, that..?1981-02-14
Auf los geht's loshimself1977-01-22
Charlie's Angels1976-09-22
Saturday Night LiveHimself - Host1975-10-11
Space: 1999Captain Zandor1975-09-04
One Step Beyond1959-01-20
This Is Your Life1955-07-29
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