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Paul Michael Lévesque is an American professional wrestler, actor and WWE executive, better known by his ring name Triple H, an abbreviation of his former ring name, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. As well as wrestling on the Raw brand, Levesque is a Senior Advisor to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and Head of WWE's talent development department. Before joining WWE, Levesque began his wrestling career with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1994, wrestling under the ring name Terra Ryzing and later as Jean-Paul Lévesque. Levesque joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1995 with the on-screen persona of wealthy sophisticate Hunter Hearst Helmsley.  He later abbreviated his name to Triple H and adopted an alternative image in the stable D-Generation X (DX). After the dissolution of DX, Triple H was pushed as a main event wrestler, winning several singles championships.  As part of a storyline, Triple H married Stephanie McMahon, who later became his real-life spouse. In 2003, Triple ... Read more »

Birthday    :   1969-07-27
Place Of Birth    :   Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Alternate Name    :   Triple H
Known Movie/TV Credits    :   Unknown
Last Appeared In    :   Unknown


WWE Survivor Series 2020Triple H2020-11-22
NXT TakeOver 31(archive footage)2020-10-04
WWE NXT Great American BashTriple H2020-07-01
A Future WWE: The FCW StoryHimself2020-03-08
WWE Super ShowDown 2019Triple H2019-06-07
WWE WrestleMania 35Triple H2019-04-07
WWE Hall of Fame 2019Triple H2019-04-06
NXT TakeOver: WarGames II(archive footage)2018-11-17
WWE Crown Jewel 2018Triple H2018-11-02
WWE Super Show-Down 2018Triple H2018-10-06
WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018Triple H2018-04-27
WWE WrestleMania 34Triple H2018-04-08
WWE Hall of Fame 2018Triple H2018-04-06
WWE Elimination Chamber 2018Triple H2018-02-25
Nature BoyHimself2017-11-07
1997: Dawn of the AttitudeTriple H (archive footage)2017-10-03
Kurt Angle: The Essential CollectionTriple H (archive footage)2017-08-01
WWE: Best of the 2000'sTriple H2017-04-25
WWE WrestleMania 33Triple H2017-04-02
Surf's Up 2: WaveManiaHunter (voice)2017-01-17
Randy Orton: RKO Outta NowhereTriple H2016-11-15
WWE 24: Wrestlemania DallasTriple H2016-04-03
WWE WrestleMania 32Triple H2016-04-03
WWE Roadblock 2016Triple H2016-03-12
WWE Royal Rumble 2016Triple H2016-01-24
Sting: Into the LightTriple H2015-10-13
NXT All Star PanelTriple H2015-09-28
NXT TakeOver: BrooklynTriple H2015-08-22
Kevin Nash: Too SweetTriple H2015-07-30
WWE: The Kliq RulesTriple H2015-07-28
WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 1: Shots FiredTriple H; Hunter Herst Helmsley2015-07-07
NXT TakeOver: UnstoppableTriple H2015-05-20
WWE Wrestlemania 31Triple H2015-03-29
WWE Hall of Fame 2015Triple H2015-03-28
WWE Royal Rumble 2015Triple H2015-01-25
WWE Survivor Series 2014Triple H2014-11-23
WWE: Attitude Era: Vol. 2Triple H2014-11-03
WWE Payback 2014Triple H2014-06-01
Undertaker: The Streak 21-1Triple H2014-05-09
WWE Extreme Rules 2014Triple H2014-05-04
WWE WrestleMania XXXTriple H2014-04-06
WCW'S Greatest Pay-Per-View Matches Volume 1Jean Paul Levesque2014-03-12
WWE: Triple H: Thy Kingdom ComeTriple H/Jean-Paul Levesque2013-09-24
WWE SummerSlam 2013Triple H (Special Guest Referee)2013-08-18
WWE: The Best Of In Your HouseHunter Hearst-Helmsley2013-05-27
WWE Extreme Rules 2013Triple H2013-05-19
WWE WrestleMania 29Triple H2013-04-07
Attitude Era2012-11-20
WWE: The Attitude EraTriple H2012-11-20
CM Punk: Best in the WorldTriple H2012-10-09
WWE SummerSlam 2012Triple H2012-08-19
WWE No Way Out 2012Triple H2012-06-17
WWE WrestleMania XXVIIITriple H2012-04-01
WWE: The Best of SmackDown - 10th Anniversary, 1999-2009Triple H (archive footage)2012-01-03
WWE Vengeance 2011Triple H2011-10-23
Inside OutArlo 'AJ' Jayne2011-09-27
WWE Night of Champions 2011Triple H2011-09-18
The John Cena ExperienceTriple H (archive footage)2011-06-04
WWE: DX: One Last StandTriple H2011-04-05
WWE WrestleMania XXVIITriple H2011-04-02
The ChaperoneRay2011-02-11
WWE Extreme Rules 2010Triple H2010-04-25
WWE Wrestlemania XXVITriple H2010-03-28
WWE Elimination Chamber 2010Triple H2010-02-21
WWE Royal Rumble 2010Triple H2010-01-31
WWE Survivor Series 2009Triple H2009-11-22
WWE Bragging Rights 2009Triple H2009-10-25
WWE: Batista - I Walk AloneTriple H2009-10-19
WWE Hell in a Cell 2009Triple H2009-10-04
WWE Breaking Point 2009Triple H2009-09-13
WWE SummerSlam 2009Triple H2009-08-23
WWE Night of Champions 2009Triple H2009-07-26
WWE The Bash 2009Triple H2009-06-28
WWE Backlash 2009Triple H2009-04-26
WWE: Greatest Wrestling Stars of the '90sTriple H / Hunter Hearst Helmsley2009-04-14
WWE WrestleMania XXVTriple H2009-04-05
WWE No Way Out 2009Triple H2009-02-15
WWE Royal Rumble 2009Triple H2009-01-25
WWE Armageddon 2008Triple H2008-12-14
WWE Survivor Series 2008Triple H2008-11-23
WWE Cyber Sunday 2008Triple H2008-10-26
WWE No Mercy 2008Triple H2008-10-05
WWE Unforgiven 2008Triple H2008-09-07
WWE SummerSlam 2008Triple H2008-08-17
WWE Night of Champions 2008Triple H2008-06-29
WWE One Night Stand 2008Triple H2008-06-01
WWE Judgment Day 2008Triple H2008-05-18
WWE Backlash 2008Triple H2008-04-27
WWE WrestleMania XXIVTriple H2008-03-30
WWE No Way Out 2008Triple H2008-02-18
WWE Royal Rumble 2008Triple H2008-01-27
WWE Armageddon 2007Triple H2007-12-16
WWE Survivor Series 2007Triple H2007-11-18
WWE Cyber Sunday 2007Triple H2007-10-28
WWE No Mercy 2007Triple H2007-10-07
WWE Unforgiven 2007Triple H2007-09-16
WWE SummerSlam 2007Triple H2007-08-26
WWE: The Ladder MatchTriple H2007-06-05
WWE: The New & Improved DXTriple H2007-02-20
WWE New Year's Revolution 2007Triple H2007-01-07
WWE Survivor Series 2006Triple H2006-11-26
WWE Cyber Sunday 2006Triple H2006-11-05
WWE Unforgiven 2006Triple H2006-09-17
WWE: McMahonTriple H2006-08-22
WWE SummerSlam 2006Triple H2006-08-20
WWE Vengeance 2006Triple H2006-06-25
Relative StrangersWrestler2006-05-01
WWE Backlash 2006Triple H2006-04-30
WWE WrestleMania 22Triple H2006-04-02
WWE Royal Rumble 2006Triple H2006-01-29
WWE New Year's Revolution 2006Triple H2006-01-08
WWE Survivor Series 2005Triple H2005-11-27
WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005Triple H2005-11-01
WWE Vengeance 2005Triple H2005-06-26
WWE Backlash 2005Triple H2005-05-01
WWE WrestleMania 21Triple H2005-04-03
WWE Royal Rumble 2005Triple H2005-01-30
WWE New Year's Revolution 2005Triple H2005-01-09
Blade: TrinityJarko Grimwood2004-12-08
WWE Survivor Series 2004Triple H2004-11-14
WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004Triple H2004-10-19
WWE Unforgiven 2004Triple H2004-09-12
WWE SummerSlam 2004Triple H2004-08-15
WWE Vengeance 2004Triple H2004-07-11
WWE Bad Blood 2004Triple H2004-06-13
WWE Backlash 2004Triple H2004-04-18
WWE WrestleMania XXTriple H2004-03-14
WWE Royal Rumble 2004Triple H2004-01-25
WWE Armageddon 2003Triple H2003-12-14
WWE Survivor Series 2003Triple H2003-11-16
WWE Unforgiven 2003Triple H2003-09-21
WWE SummerSlam 2003Triple H2003-08-24
WWE Bad Blood 2003Triple H2003-06-15
WWE Insurrextion 2003Triple H2003-06-07
WWE Judgment Day 2003Triple H2003-05-18
WWE Backlash 2003Triple H2003-04-27
WWE Wrestlemania XIXTriple H2003-03-30
WWE: Raw 10th AnniversaryTriple H2003-03-18
WWE No Way Out 2003Triple H2003-02-23
WWE Royal Rumble 2003Triple H2003-01-19
WWE Armageddon 2002Triple H2002-12-15
WWE Survivor Series 2002Triple H2002-11-17
WWE No Mercy 2002Triple H2002-10-20
WWE Unforgiven 2002Triple H2002-09-22
WWE SummerSlam 2002Triple H2002-08-25
WWE Global WarningTriple H2002-08-10
WWE: Triple H - The GameTriple H2002-06-24
WWE: Triple H - That Damn GoodTriple H2002-06-24
WWE King of the Ring 2002Triple H2002-06-23
WWE Judgment Day 2002Triple H2002-05-19
WWE Insurrextion 2002Triple H2002-05-04
WWE Backlash 2002Triple H2002-04-21
WWF: Funniest MomentsTriple H2002-03-26
WWE Wrestlemania X8Triple H2002-03-17
WWE No Way Out 2002Triple H2002-02-17
WWE Royal Rumble 2002Triple H2002-01-20
WWE HardcoreTriple H2001-10-08
WWF Action!Triple H2001-09-25
WWE Judgment Day 2001Triple H2001-05-20
WWE Insurrextion 2001Triple H2001-05-01
WWE Backlash 2001Triple H2001-04-29
WWE WrestleMania X-SevenTriple H2001-04-01
WWE No Way Out 2001Triple H2001-02-25
WWE Royal Rumble 2001Triple H2001-01-21
WWE Armageddon 2000Triple H2000-12-10
WWE Survivor Series 2000Triple H2000-11-19
WWE No Mercy 2000Triple H2000-10-22
WWE Unforgiven 2000Triple H2000-09-24
WWE SummerSlam 2000Triple H2000-08-27
WWE Fully Loaded 2000Triple H2000-07-23
WWE King of the Ring 2000Triple H2000-06-25
WWE Judgment Day 2000Triple H2000-05-21
WWE Insurrextion 2000Triple H2000-05-06
WWE Backlash 2000Triple H2000-04-30
WWE WrestleMania 2000Triple H2000-04-02
WWE No Way Out 2000Triple H2000-02-27
WWE Royal Rumble 2000Triple H2000-01-23
WWE Armageddon 1999Triple H1999-12-12
WWF: It's Our TimeTriple H1999-11-23
WWE Survivor Series 1999Triple H1999-11-14
WWE No Mercy 1999Triple H1999-10-17
WWE Rebellion 1999Triple H1999-10-02
WWE Unforgiven 1999Triple H1999-09-26
WWE SummerSlam 1999Triple H1999-08-22
WWE Fully Loaded 1999Triple H1999-07-25
WWE Over the EdgeTriple H1999-05-23
WWE No Mercy (UK) 1999Triple H1999-05-16
WWE Backlash: In Your HouseTriple H1999-04-25
WWE WrestleMania XVTriple H1999-03-28
WWE Royal Rumble 1999Triple H1999-01-25
WWE Capital CarnageTriple H1998-12-06
WWF: The Rock - Know Your RoleTriple H1998-11-24
WWF: Three Faces of FoleyTriple H1998-11-24
WWE SummerSlam 1998Triple H1998-08-30
WWF: D-Generation XTriple H1998-08-18
WWE King of the Ring 1998Triple H1998-06-28
WWE Unforgiven: In Your HouseTriple H1998-04-25
WWE Mayhem in ManchesterTriple H1998-04-03
WWE WrestleMania XIVTriple H1998-03-29
WWE Royal Rumble 1998Triple H1998-01-18
WWE Badd Blood: In Your HouseTriple H1997-10-05
WWE One Night OnlyHunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-09-20
WWE Ground Zero: In Your HouseHunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-09-07
WWE SummerSlam 1997Hunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-08-02
WWE In Your House 16: Canadian StampedeHunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-07-06
WWE King of the Ring 1997Hunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-06-08
WWE In Your House 15: A Cold Day in HellHunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-05-11
WWE WrestleMania 13Hunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-03-23
WWE In Your House 13: Final FourHunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-02-16
WWE Royal Rumble 1997Hunter Hearst-Helmsley1997-01-19
WWE In Your House 12: It's TimeHunter Hearst-Helmsley1996-12-15
WWE Survivor Series 1996Hunter Hearst-Helmsley1996-11-17
WWE In Your House 11: Buried AliveHunter Hearst-Helmsley1996-10-20
WWE In Your House 8: Beware of DogHunter Hearst-Helmsley1996-05-26
WWE WrestleMania XIIHunter Hearst Helmsley1996-03-31
WWE In Your House 6: Rage in the CageHunter Hearst Helmsley1996-02-18
WWE Royal Rumble 1996Hunter Hearst-Helmsley1996-01-21
WWE In Your House 5: Seasons BeatingsHunter Hearst Helmsley1995-12-17
WWE Survivor Series 1995Hunter Hearst Helmsley1995-11-19
WWE In Your House 4: Great White NorthHunter Hearst-Helmsley1995-10-22
WWE SummerSlam 1995Hunter Hearst Helmsley1995-08-26
WCW Starrcade 1994Jean-Paul Lévesque1994-12-27
Tv Series
Biography: WWE LegendsTriple H2021-04-18
WWE's Most Wanted TreasuresTriple H2021-04-18
Undertaker: The Last RideTriple H2020-05-10
The Best of WWETriple H2020-03-24
Vice VersaSelf2020-03-10
Ruthless AggressionTriple H2020-02-16
WWE BackstageTriple H2019-10-15
WWE The BumpTriple H2019-10-02
WWE NXT UK(archive footage)2018-10-17
Carpool KaraokeHerself2017-08-08
WWE 205 Live(archive footage)2016-11-29
WWE: Story Time2016-11-20
Legends with JBLTriple H2015-09-21
WWE 24Triple H2015-01-30
WWE NXT(archive footage)2010-02-23
WWE Superstars(archive footage)2009-04-16
E:60Hunter (archive footage)2007-10-16
Attack of the Show!(archive footage) (uncredited)2005-03-28
WWE Confidential(archive footage)2002-05-25
Grown Ups1999-08-01
WWE SmackDownHHH (archive footage)1999-04-27
Late Night with Conan O'BrienSelf - Guest1993-09-13
WWE RawHunter Hearst Helmsley1993-01-11
WWF Wrestling ChallengeHunter Hearst Helmsley1986-09-07
WWE PPV1985-03-31
Saturday Night LiveTriple H (uncredited)1975-10-11
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