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Mel Blanc (May 30, 1908 – July 10, 1989) was an American voice actor and comedian. Although he began his nearly six-decade-long career performing in radio commercials, Blanc is best remembered for his work with Warner Bros. during the "Golden Age of American animation" (and later for Hanna-Barbera television productions) as the voice of such well-known characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Woody Woodpecker, Barney Rubble, Mr. Spacely, Speed Buggy, Captain Caveman, Heathcliff, Speedy Gonzales, Elmer Fudd and hundreds of others. Having earned the nickname “The Man of a Thousand Voices,” Blanc is regarded as one of the most influential people in the voice-acting industry. At the time of his death, it was estimated that 20 million people heard his voice every day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Birthday    :   1908-05-30
Place Of Birth    :   San Francisco, California, USA
Alternate Name    :   M. Mel Blanc
Known Movie/TV Credits    :   Unknown
Last Appeared In    :   Unknown


Tom & JerryTom / Jerry (archive sounds) (uncredited)2021-02-11
That's All Folks! Tales from Termite TerraceHimself (archive footage)2014-08-12
Flash in the PainTweety (voice) (archive sound)2014-06-10
I Know That VoiceHimself (archive footage)2014-01-07
Tom and Jerry: In the Dog House(archive footage)2012-03-06
Daffy's RhapsodyDaffy Duck (voice)(archive footage)2012-02-10
I Tawt I Taw a Puddy TatSylvester \ Tweety (archive footage)2011-11-17
Looney Tunes Super Stars Foghorn Leghorn & Friends: Barnyard BigmouthFoghorn Leghorn (voice)(archive footage)2010-11-30
Looney Tunes Super Stars Tweety & Sylvester: Feline FwenzySylvester / Tweety (voice) (archive footage)2010-11-30
Daffy Duck Frustrated Fowl(archive footage)2010-08-10
Looney Tunes Super Stars Bugs Bunny: Hare ExtraordinaireBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Marvin the Martian / Tasmanian Devil / Yosemite Sam (voice)(archive footage)2010-08-10
Looney Tunes Super Stars Daffy Duck: Frustrated FowlBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Tasmanian Devil / Yosemite Sam (voice)(archive footage)2010-08-10
Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases, Vol 3(archive footage)2009-10-13
Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand VoicesHimself & Various Voices (archive footage)2008-10-21
Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection Vol. 5Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Sylvester / Tweety (archive footage)2007-10-30
Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Vol:2Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Sylvester / Tweety / Elmer Fudd (archive footage)2004-11-02
Looney Tunes Collection: Best Of Bugs Bunny Volume 1Bugs Bunny / Elmer Fudd (archive footage)2004-04-01
The 1st 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Awards Show Program Special: Live in StereoBugs Bunny (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)2002-03-23
Looney Tunes All Stars(archive footage)1999-01-01
Marvin the Martian & K9: 50 Years on EarthMarvin the Martian / K9 (voice)1998-07-21
Mickey's Family AlbumSeagulls (voice)1998-06-11
Space JamDaffy Duck on TV (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)1996-11-15
Superior DuckRoad Runner (archive footage)1996-08-23
Bugs Bunny's Creature FeaturesDaffy Duck (voice)1992-02-01
Bugs Bunny's Overtures to DisasterBugs Bunny (Voice)1991-04-17
Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes(archive footage)1991-01-01
Jetsons: The MovieMr. Spacely (voice)1990-06-06
What's Up Doc? A Salute to Bugs BunnyBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Gruesome Gorilla / Himself (archive footage)1990-01-01
Fifty Years of Bugs Bunny in 3 1/2 MinutesBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Wile E. Coyote (voice)1989-12-01
Hanna-Barbera's 50thBarney Rubble1989-07-17
Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video StarsBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Tweety / Yosemite Sam / Pepe le Pew / Sylvester (voice)1988-10-20
The Night of the Living DuckDaffy Duck1988-09-23
Who Framed Roger RabbitBugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Tweety Bird (voice)1988-06-21
The Cartoon CollectionBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Sylvester / Tweety1988-01-01
The DuxorcistDaffy Duck1987-11-20
The Chipmunk AdventureAdditional Voices (voice)1987-05-22
The Jetsons Meet the FlintstonesBarney Rubble / Dino / Mr. Spacely (voice)1987-01-01
The Flintstones' 25th Anniversary CelebrationBarney Rubble (voice)1986-05-20
Heathcliff: The MovieHeathcliff / Spike (voice)1986-01-17
Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes All-Star 50th AnniversaryHimself/Various Characters1986-01-14
A Jetson Christmas CarolCosmo S. Spacely (Voice)1985-12-13
Strange BrewVoice of Mr. McKenzie1983-08-26
Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic IslandBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Tweety / Sylvester / Yosemite Sam / Speedy Gonzales / Taz / Foghorn Leghorn (voice)1983-08-05
Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit TalesBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Yosemite Sam / Sylvester / Sylvester, Jr. / Speedy Gonzales / Tweety / Genie / Hassan / Big Bad Wolf / Beanstalk Giant / Elvis Gorilla / Stork (voice)1982-11-19
Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television Bugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Porky Pig / Daffy Duck / Pepe Le Pew (voice)1982-01-11
Woody Woodpecker and FriendsVarious Voices1982-01-02
Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas CaperBarney Rubble / Bulldog / Security Guard #1 (voice)1982-01-01
The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny MovieBugs Bunny / King Arthur / Sir Osis of Liver / Sir Loin of Beef / Yosemite Sam / Gerry the Idgit Dragon / Daffy Duck / Sylvester / Tweety Pie / Porky Pig / Speedy Gonzales / Treasury Director / Rocky / Mugsy / Judge / Clancy / O'Hara / Cops / Pepe Le Pew / Clarence (B.A. Bird) (voice)1981-11-20
The Flintstones: Jogging FeverBarney Rubble (voice)1981-10-11
The Flintstones: Wind-Up WilmaBarney Rubble / Dino (voice)1981-10-04
Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th CenturyDaffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin Martian1980-11-20
The Flintstones: Fred's Final FlingBarney Rubble (voice)1980-11-07
The Bugs Bunny Mystery SpecialBugs Bunny1980-10-26
The Flintstones' New NeighborsBarney Rubble1980-09-26
Portrait of the Artist as a Young BunnyBugs Bunny / Elmer Fudd / Road Runner (voice)1980-05-27
Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All OverBugs Bunny1980-05-21
Murder Can Hurt You!Chickie Baby (voice)1980-05-21
Spaced-Out BunnyBugs Bunny / Marvin the Martian / Hugo / Grouchy Butterfly1980-05-21
Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-CitementDaffy Duck / Foghorn Leghorn / Sylvester / Speedy Gonzales / Duck Flock Leader (voice)1980-03-31
Fright Before ChristmasBugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil / Santa Claus / Pilots (voice)1979-11-27
Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas TalesBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Porky Pig / Foghorn Leghorn / Pepe le Pew / Tweety / Sylvester / Tasmanian Devil / Light Company Man / Airplane Pilots / Santa Claus / Elmer Fudd (voice)1979-11-27
Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet Bugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil / Porky Pig / Wile E. Coyote / Sylvester / Tweety / Yosemite Sam1979-11-15
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner MovieBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Marvin the Martian / Wile E. Coyote / Pepe le Pew / Dr. I.Q. High / Hassan (voice)1979-09-30
Bugs Bunny's Christmas CarolBugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam1979-05-27
The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special Bugs Bunny / Stork / Daffy Duck / Foghorn Leghorn1979-05-12
You're the Greatest, Charlie BrownCharlie Grunting1979-03-19
How Bugs Bunny Won the West Bugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig (voice)1978-11-15
The Flintstones Little Big LeagueBarney Rubble (voice)1978-04-06
A Flintstone ChristmasBarney Rubble / Dino (voice)1977-12-07
Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween SpecialBugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Porky Pig/Speedy Gonzales/Sylvester/Tweety1977-10-26
Bugs Bunny's Easter FunniesBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Yosemite Sam / Tweety / Sylvester / Pepe le Pew / Foghorn Leghorn / Porky Pig (voice)1977-04-07
Carnival of the AnimalsBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig (voice)1976-11-22
Bugs Bunny: SuperstarVarious (voice)1975-12-19
The Hoober-Bloob HighwayBub (voice)1975-02-19
Journey Back to OzCrow (voice)1974-12-05
A Political CartoonBugs Bunny (voice)1974-10-01
A Very Merry CricketTucker the Mouse / Alley Cat (voice)1973-12-14
A Cricket in Times SquareTucker the Mouse (voice)1973-04-24
ScalawagBarfly the Parrot (voice)1973-04-22
Yogi's Ark LarkSecret Squirrel (voice)1972-09-16
The Phantom TollboothOfficer Short Shrift / Dodecahedron / Demon of Insincerity (voice)1970-11-07
The Great Carrot-Train RobberyClaude / Sheriff / Station Agent (voice)1969-01-24
Bunny and Claude: We Rob Carrot PatchesClaude / Sheriff / Storekeeper (voice)1968-11-08
Chimp & ZeeProfessor / Chimp Sounds (voice)1968-10-11
Tickled PinkYelling Man (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)1968-10-06
See Ya Later GladiatorDaffy Duck / Speedy Gonzales / Scientist / Fathead / Lion / Emperor Nero (voice)1968-06-28
Catty-CorneredTom / Jerry (voice)1966-09-08
The Man Called FlintstoneBarney Rubble / Dino (voice)1966-08-03
Love Me, Love My MouseTom / Jerry (voice)1966-04-28
A-Haunting We Will GoDaffy Duck / Speedy Gonzales / Daffy's Nephew (voice)1966-04-16
Pink PunchPink Panther Effects (voice)1966-02-21
Duel PersonalityTom - screaming / Jerry - laughing (voice) (uncredited)1966-01-20
Corn on the CopDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Robber / Pirate Trick-or-Treater / Clerk / Police Dispatcher / Officer Flaherty (voice)1965-07-23
Suppressed DuckDaffy Duck, ranger, bear1965-06-18
Of Feline BondageTom (voice)1965-05-19
Pickled PinkDrunk (voice)1965-05-12
The Wild ChaseSpeedy Gonzales / Sylvester / Race Announcer / Starter (voice)1965-02-26
Christmas FlintstoneBarney Rubble1964-12-25
Kiss Me, StupidDr. Sheldrake1964-12-18
Pancho's HideawaySpeedy Gonzales, Pancho Vanilla, Men1964-10-23
Rendezvous in SpaceChinese Magician / Astronaut / Carrot (voice)1964-09-10
Señorella and the Glass HuaracheStoryteller1964-08-01
False HareBugs Bunny / Big Bad Wolf / Nephew / Foghorn Leghorn (voice)1964-07-18
Hey There, It's Yogi BearGrifter1964-06-03
The Iceman DuckethBugs Bunny, Daffy Duck1964-05-15
Snowbody Loves MeVocal Effects (voice)1964-05-12
Nuts and VoltsSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester1964-04-24
Much Ado About MousingTom Cat / Jerry Mouse / Bulldog / Puppy (voice)1964-04-14
Dr. Devil and Mr. HareBugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil (voice)1964-03-28
Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?Tom (voice)1964-03-24
Bartholomew Versus the WheelBartholomew, other voices1964-02-29
A Message to GraciasSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester, El Supremo, Mice1964-02-08
Dumb Patrol1964-01-18
To Beep or Not to BeepWile E. Coyote1963-12-27
The Sword in the StoneTIger / Talbot (voice) (uncredited)1963-12-25
Transylvania 6-5000Bugs Bunny1963-11-30
Claws in the LeaseSylvester / Junior (voice)1963-11-08
Mad as a Mars HareBugs Bunny / Marvin the Martian / Cape Canaveral Controller (voice)1963-10-19
The UnmentionablesBugs Bunny / Rocky / Mugsy / Snitch / Agency Director (voice)1963-09-07
Chili WeatherSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Mice1963-08-17
Pent-House MouseTom / Jerry (voice)1963-07-27
Banty RaidsFoghorn Leghorn / Barnyard Dog / Tough Rooster / Giggling Chicken (voice)1963-06-28
Hare-Breadth HurryBugs Bunny (voice)1963-06-08
Woolen Under WhereSam Sheepdog, Ralph Wolf1963-05-11
Now Hear ThisVocal effects1963-04-27
The Million HareBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck (voice)1963-04-06
Fast Buck DuckDaffy Duck (voice)1963-03-08
Devil's Feud CakeBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / The Devil (voice)1963-02-09
Martian Through GeorgiaWarden, Businessman, Old Man, Little Boy, Taunting Voice, Scared Citizens1962-12-28
Days of Wine and RosesCartoons (voice) (uncredited)1962-12-26
ShishkabugsBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / King (voice)1962-12-08
Good NooseDaffy Duck / Captain / Mr. Tristan / Islander (voice)1962-11-10
Gay Purr-eeBulldog (voice)1962-10-24
Honey's MoneyYosemite Sam1962-09-01
Louvre Come Back to Me!Pepe Le Pew (voice)1962-08-18
The Slick ChickFoghorn Leghorn / Junior / Mr. Cackle (voice)1962-07-20
Bill of HareBugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil (voice)1962-06-09
Adventures of the Road-RunnerWile E. Coyote (voice)1962-06-02
Mexican BoardersSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester1962-05-11
Common ScentsSkunk / Duck Hunter (voice) (uncredited)1962-05-10
Crows' FeatJose / Rocket Announcer (voice)1962-04-20
Quackodile TearsDaffy Duck1962-03-31
A Sheep in the DeepSam Sheepdog, Ralph Wolf1962-02-10
About Time(voices) (uncredited)1962-02-05
Wet HareBugs Bunny/Blacque Jacque Shellacque1962-01-20
Nelly's FollyVoices1961-12-30
The Last Hungry CatSylvester / Tweety (voice)1961-12-01
Breakfast at Tiffany'sHolly's Drunk Visitor (voice)1961-10-06
Daffy's Inn TroubleDaffy Duck, Porky Pig1961-09-22
Prince ViolentBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Elephant / Peasants / Guard (voice)1961-09-02
The Pied Piper of GuadalupeSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Mice1961-08-19
Compressed HareBugs Bunny / Wile E. Coyote (voice)1961-07-29
A Scent of the MatterhornPepe Le Pew1961-06-23
The Abominable Snow RabbitBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Hugo the Abominable Snowman1961-05-20
D' Fightin' OnesSylvester / Bulldog (voice)1961-04-22
Birds of a FatherSylvester / Sylvester Jr. (voice)1961-04-01
Strangled EggsFoghorn Leghorn / Henery Hawk (voice)1961-03-18
The Mouse on 57th StreetMouse / Cops / Spiffany's Man / Muldoon (voice)1961-02-25
Hoppy DazeSylvester / Gruff Cat / Hippety Hopper (voice)1961-02-11
Zip 'n SnortWile E. Coyote (voice) (uncredited)1961-01-21
Cannery WoeSpeedy Gonzales / Sylvester / Jose / Mayor Raton (voice)1961-01-07
Lighter Than HareBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Robot ZX29B / Robot Ferret / Bugs Robot / Alien King (voice)1960-12-17
The Thread of LifeShip's Voice (voice) (uncredited)1960-12-09
High NoteDrunken Musical Note (voice)1960-12-03
Dog Gone PeopleMr. Crabtree / Rupert / Policeman (voice)1960-11-12
Trip for TatSylvester / Tweety / Tattoo Artist / Japanese Voice (voice)1960-10-29
Hopalong CasualtyWile E. Coyote (voice) (uncredited)1960-10-08
The Dixie FryerFoghorn Leghorn (voice)1960-09-24
From Hare to HeirBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Accountant (voice)1960-09-03
Ready, Woolen and AbleRalph Wolf / Sam Sheepdog (voice)1960-07-30
Mouse and GardenSylvester / Mouse (voice)1960-07-16
Crockett-Doodle-DoFoghorn Leghorn / Egghead Jr. (voice)1960-06-25
Rabbit's FeatBugs Bunny / Wile E. Coyote (voice)1960-06-04
Hyde and Go TweetSylvester / Tweety / Mr. Hyde / Two Cats (voice)1960-05-14
Who Scent You?Pepé le Pew / Penelope / Le Capitaine / First Mate / Crewmates (voice)1960-04-23
Person to BunnyBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck (voice)1960-04-01
Goldimouse and the Three CatsSylvester / Sylvester Jr. (voice)1960-03-15
Wild Wild WorldCavemen (voice)1960-02-27
Horse HareBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Commander / Geronimo / Indian Chief / Mule (voice)1960-02-13
West of the PesosSpeedy Gonzales / Sylvester / Mice (voice)1960-01-23
Goliath IIRaja the Tiger1960-01-21
Fastest with the MostestWile E. Coyote (voice) (uncredited)1960-01-19
People Are BunnyBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Host (voice)1959-12-19
A Witch's Tangled HareBugs Bunny (voice)1959-10-31
A Broken LeghornFoghorn Leghorn / Junior Rooster (voice)1959-09-26
Bonanza BunnyBugs Bunny / Blacque Jacque Shellacque (voice)1959-09-05
Here Today, Gone TamaleSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester1959-08-28
Wild and Woolly HareBugs/Sam/Cowboys/Injun Joe/Gambler/Old Timers (voice)1959-08-01
Mexicali ShmoesSpeedy Gonzales / Jose (voice)1959-07-04
Really ScentPepe Le Pew1959-06-26
Backwoods BunnyBugs Bunny (voice)1959-06-13
Apes of WrathBugs Bunny, Stork, Elvis Gorilla, Daffy Duck1959-04-17
The Mouse That Jack BuiltThe Maxwell / Ed the Vault Guard (voice)1959-04-03
Hare-Abian NightsBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam (voice)1959-02-28
Mouse-Placed KittenClyde / Junior (voice)1959-01-23
Baton BunnyBugs Bunny1959-01-10
Cat FeudMarc Anthony / Pussyfoot1958-12-20
Pre-Hysterical HareBugs Bunny / Saber-Tooth Rabbit / Narrator / Dinosaurs / Saber-Tooth Tiger (voice)1958-11-01
Knighty Knight BugsBugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam1958-08-23
Now, Hare ThisBugs Bunny / Big Bad Wolf / Nephew (voice)1958-05-31
Hare-Way to the StarsBugs Bunny / Marvin the Martian (voice)1958-03-29
Robin Hood DaffyDaffy Duck as Robin Hood / Porky Pig as Friar Tuck (voice)1958-03-08
The Unchained GoddessHail / Rain (voice)1958-02-12
Hare-Less WolfBugs Bunny / Charles M. Wolf (voice)1958-02-01
Tortilla FlapsSpeedy Gonzales, Crow, Mice1958-01-17
Rabbit RomeoBugs Bunny1957-12-15
Gonzales' TamalesSpeedy Gonzales, Sylvester1957-11-30
Show Biz BugsBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Cab Driver / Theatre Manager (voice)1957-11-02
Touché and GoPepe le Pew (voice)1957-10-11
Greedy for Tweety1957-09-27
Bugsy and MugsyBugs Bunny / Rocky / Mugsy / Radio Announcer (voice)1957-08-31
Ducking the DevilDaffy Duck, Tasmanian Devil1957-08-17
Birds AnonymousSylvester / Tweety / Clarence / B.A. Cats (voice)1957-08-10
Tabasco RoadSpeedy Gonzales / Pablo / Fernando / Cat (voice)1957-07-20
What's Opera, Doc?Bugs Bunny as Brunhilde / Elmer Fudd as Siegfried (screaming) (voice)1957-07-06
Steal WoolSam Sheep-Dog, Ralph Wolf1957-06-08
Piker's PeakBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Saint Bernard with Hiccups (voice)1957-05-25
Tweety and the BeanstalkSylvester, Tweety, Giant1957-05-15
Bedevilled RabbitBugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil / Crocodile (voice)1957-04-13
Hemo the MagnificentSquirrel / Turtle / Alligator / Rabbit (voice)1957-03-20
Ali Baba BunnyBugs Bunny, Daffy Duck1957-02-09
Go Fly a KitTraveler, Cats, Bulldog (voice)1957-02-03
To Hare Is HumanBugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote1956-12-15
Wideo WabbitBugs Bunny, QTTV Producer, Elmer Fudd (Yelping)1956-10-27
Yankee Dood ItSylvester, Elf1956-10-12
Deduce, You SayDorlock Homes / Watkins / Shropshire Slasher / Telegram Boy / Alfie / Bartender (voice)1956-09-29
A Star Is BoredBugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Producer, Director1956-09-14
The Slap-Hoppy MouseSylvester / Sylvester Junior (voice)1956-09-01
Raw! Raw! Rooster!Foghorn Leghorn, Rhode Island Red (dazed)1956-08-24
Half-Fare HareBugs Bunny / Conductor / Railroad Dick (voice)1956-08-18
Barbary-Coast BunnyBugs Bunny (voice)1956-07-21
Stupor DuckDaffy Duck, Aardvark Ratnik1956-07-06
Tugboat GrannySylvester/Tweety1956-06-23
Napoleon Bunny-PartBugs Bunny / Napoleon / Mugsy / Guard / White Coats (voice)1956-06-16
The Unexpected PestSylvester, John, Mouse1956-06-01
Rabbitson CrusoeBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Dopey Dick (voice)1956-04-28
Heaven ScentPepe Le Pew, Cat, other voices1956-03-31
Rocket SquadDaffy Duck (Sgt. Joe Monday), Porky Pig (Detective Shmoe Tuesday), George 'Mother' Machree, The Chief1956-03-10
Broom-Stick BunnyBugs Bunny, Genie1956-02-25
The High and the FlightyFoghorn Leghorn / Daffy Duck / Barnyard Dog (voice)1956-02-18
Weasel StopFoghorn Leghorn / Willy the Weasel / Dog - Barking / Hen (voice)1956-02-10
Too Hop to HandleSylvester / Junior (voice)1956-01-27
Bugs' BonnetsBugs Bunny1956-01-14
90 Day WonderingLittle Devil / Little Recruiter (voice)1956-01-01
Heir-ConditionedSylvester, other cats1955-11-26
Roman Legion-HareBugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Emperor Nero1955-11-10
Red Riding HoodwinkedTweety / Sylvester / Big Bad Wolf (voice)1955-10-29
Two Scent's WorthPepe Le Pew1955-10-15
Knight-Mare HareBugs Bunny / Sir Osis / King / Merlin the Magician / Donkey Owner (voice)1955-10-01
Speedy GonzalesSpeedy Gonzales / Sylvester / Various Mice1955-09-17
Dime to RetireDaffy Duck / Porky Pig1955-09-02
Hyde and HareBugs Bunny, Dr. Jekyll1955-08-27
A Kiddies KittySylvester/TV Announcer/ Bulldog1955-08-20
Jumpin' JupiterPorky Pig, Sylvester1955-08-06
Double or MuttonRalph Wolf / Sam Sheepdog1955-07-23
This Is a Life?Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Yosemite Sam / Announcer (voice)1955-07-09
Lumber JerksMac (voice)1955-06-24
Rabbit RampageBugs Bunny1955-06-11
Past PerfumancePepe le Pew1955-05-20
Hare BrushBug/Chairman/Board Members/Myicin/Driver/Bear/Agent (voice)1955-05-07
The Hole IdeaProf. Calvin Q. Calculus, other voices1955-04-16
Sandy ClawsTweety / Sylvester1955-04-02
Sahara HareBugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam (voice)1955-03-26
Stork NakedDaffy Duck, Stork (voice)1955-02-25
All Fowled UpFoghorn Leghorn / Henery Hawk / Barnyard Dog (voice)1955-02-19
Beanstalk Bunny1955-02-11
Pests for GuestsGoofy Gopher Mac / Furniture Salesman (voice)1955-01-28
Feather DustedFoghorn Leghorn (voice)1955-01-14
A Hitch in TimeJohn McRogers, Grogan1955-01-01
Pizzicato PussycatJohn Jones / Mouse / Cat / Doctors / Concert Audience Members (voice)1955-01-01
Baby Buggy BunnyBugs Bunny/Finster/Harry/TV Reporter/Sergeant/Clancy (voice)1954-12-18
Sheep AhoyFred Sheepdog / Ralph Sheepdog / George Wolf / Sam Wolf1954-12-10
My Little DuckarooDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Nasty Canasta (voice)1954-11-27
Goo Goo GoliathStork, Dispatcher, John, Captain O'Brien1954-10-18
From A to Z-Z-Z-ZNumbers / Indians / Sailors (voice)1954-10-16
By Word of MouseHans, Willie, Sylvester1954-10-02
Lumber Jack-RabbitBugs Bunny / Smidgen (voice)1954-09-25
Gone BattyBaseball players (voice)1954-09-03
Yankee Doodle BugsBugs / Clyde / Indian / Franklin / King / Washington (voice)1954-08-28
Satan's Waitin'Sylvester, Tweety, Devil Dog1954-08-06
Bewitched BunnyBugs Bunny / Hansel / Prince Charming (voice)1954-07-24
The Oily AmericanMoe Hican, Jarvis, Delivery Man1954-07-09
Devil May HareBugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil / Turtle (voice)1954-06-19
Little Boy BooFoghorn Leghorn1954-06-05
Claws for AlarmPorky Pig and Sylvester1954-05-22
Dr. Jerkyl's Hide1954-05-07
No Parking HareBugs Bunny (voice)1954-05-01
Bell HoppySylvester / Cat Leader / Cats / Zookeeper / Delivery Man (voice)1954-04-16
Design for LeavingDaffy Duck / Delivery Guy / Mechanical Dog (voice)1954-03-27
The Cats BahPepe Le Pew1954-03-20
Bugs and ThugsBugs Bunny / Rocky / Mugsy / Policemen (voice)1954-03-13
No BarkingTweety / Frisky Puppy / Claude Cat (voice)1954-02-26
Wild WifeJohn, Son, Mailman, Bank Teller, Red Cross Nurse, Casper J. Fragile, Soda Jerk, Pedestrian, Officer1954-02-19
Feline Frame-UpClaude Cat / Pet Owner (voice)1954-02-13
I Gopher YouMac (voice)1954-01-29
Captain HareblowerBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Captain / Crewmen (voice)1954-01-16
Dog PoundedSylvester, Tweety, Pepe Le Pew1954-01-01
Punch TrunkBirdbath Owner, Asylum Collector, John, Drunk, Circus Cat, Dr. Robert Bruce Cameron1953-12-19
Robot RabbitBugs Bunny / Horse (voice)1953-12-12
Catty Cornered1953-10-30
Duck! Rabbit, Duck!Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck (voice)1953-10-03
A Street Cat Named SylvesterSylvester / Tweety / Hector Bulldog (voice)1953-09-04
Cat-Tails for TwoSpeedy Gonzales, George1953-08-29
Plop Goes the WeaselFoghorn Leghorn / Weasel / Barnyard Dawg (voice)1953-08-21
Bully for BugsBugs Bunny / Bull Gulping (voice)1953-08-08
Weasel While You WorkFoghorn Leghorn / Barnyard Dog / Willy the Weasel (voice)1953-08-05
Duck Dodgers in the 24½th CenturyDaffy Duck, Duck Dodgers, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian1953-07-25
Wild Over YouPepe le Pew1953-07-10
Hare TrimmedBugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Minister1953-06-19
Ant PastedAnts (voice)1953-05-09
Southern Fried RabbitBugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam1953-05-02
Fowl WeatherSylvester / Tweety / Hector / Rooster / Hen (voice)1953-04-03
A Peck o' TroubleThe Kitten (voice)1953-03-27
Upswept HareBugs Bunny (voice)1953-03-14
Duck AmuckDaffy Duck / Bugs Bunny (voice)1953-02-28
Kiss Me CatMarc Antony, Pussyfoot1953-02-21
Forward March HareBugs Bunny, Other Voices1953-02-04
Snow BusinessSylvester / Tweety / Mouse / Man / Radio Reporter (voice)1953-01-16
Don't Give Up the SheepSam Sheepdog, Ralph Wolf (voice)1953-01-03
Hare LiftBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam (voice)1952-12-20
Rabbit's Kin1952-11-15
The Super SnooperDaffy Duck, Butler, Phone Voice1952-11-10
Rabbit SeasoningBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck (voice)1952-09-20
Mouse-WarmingClaude Cat (voice)1952-09-08
A Bird in a Guilty CageSylvester / Tweety1952-08-30
Oily HareBugs Bunny, Texan1952-07-25
Cracked QuackDaffy Duck, Porky Pig (voice)1952-07-04
The Turn-Tale WolfBig Bad Wolf, Wolf's Son, Three Little Pigs, Caterpillar1952-06-27
Ain't She TweetSylvester / Tweety / Dogs / Old Man1952-06-21
The Hasty HareBugs Bunny/Marvin the Martian/I. Frisby/Trumpet Sound (voice)1952-06-07
Orange Blossoms for VioletHarvey, Fred1952-05-23
Little Red Rodent HoodSylvester / Little Red Rodent Hood / Mouse / Cat / Kitten (voice)1952-05-03
Water, Water Every HareBugs Bunny, Rudolph1952-04-19
Kiddin' the KittenDodsworth Meowing / Kitten / Mice1952-04-05
Little Beau PepéPepe le Pew1952-03-28
14 Carrot RabbitBugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam1952-03-15
Thumb FunPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / Obnoxious Motorist / Cop (voice)1952-02-29
Foxy by ProxyBugs Bunny1952-02-22
Gift WrappedSylvester / Tweety / Dog (voice)1952-02-16
Feed the KittyMarc Antony, Pussyfoot1952-02-02
Operation: RabbitBugs Bunny / Wile E. Coyote (voice)1952-01-19
Scandal SheetDrunken Witness (uncredited)1952-01-16
The Prize PestDaffy Duck, Porky Pig1951-12-21
Tweet Tweet TweetySylvester / Tweety / Ranger (voice)1951-12-14
Big Top BunnyBugs Bunny / Bruno / Colonel Korny (voice)1951-12-01
Drip-Along DaffyDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Bartender (voice)1951-11-17
Sleepy Time PossumMa Possum, Pa Possum, Junior Possum1951-11-03
Ballot Box BunnyBugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam1951-10-06
Tweety's S.O.S.Sylvester / Tweety / Ship Captain1951-09-21
Lovelorn LeghornFoghorn Leghorn / Barnyard Dog1951-09-08
Cheese ChasersHubie / Claude Cat / Dog (voice)1951-08-25
His Hare Raising TaleBugs Bunny/Clyde Rabbit/Umpire/Ball Player/Scientist (voice)1951-08-11
The Wearing of the GrinPorky Pig, O'Mike1951-07-28
French RarebitBugs Bunny, François1951-06-30
Chow HoundCat, Professor1951-06-16
Room and BirdSylvester / Tweety / Mouse / House Detective / Dog1951-06-01
Rabbit FireBugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Elephant (voice)1951-05-19
Early to BetCat / Dog / Customer / Luigi / Patrons at Bar1951-05-12
A Bone for a BoneMac / Dog (voice)1951-05-06
The Fair Haired HareBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Judge (voice)1951-04-14
Scent-imental RomeoPepé le Pew / Penelope / Zookeeper / Lion / Popcorn Cart Bird / Pigeon Feeder / Poodle (voice)1951-03-24
Bunny HuggedBugs Bunny / Announcer (voice)1951-03-10
Corn PlasteredFarmer (voice)1951-03-02
Putty Tat TroubleSylvester / Tweety / Sam1951-02-23
Rabbit Every MondayBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Audience Member (voice)1951-02-10
Canned FeudSylvester / Sam / Mouse's Whistle (voice)1951-02-03
Hare We GoBugs Bunny / Christopher Columbus / King Ferdinand / Bald Sailor / Crewmen (voice)1951-01-05
Rabbit of SevilleBugs Bunny (voice)1950-12-16
Dog CollaredPorky Pig (voice)1950-12-02
Bushy HareBugs Bunny, Balloon Vendor, 'Nature Boy,' Kangaroos1950-11-10
Canary RowSylvester / Tweety / Desk Clerk / Monkey1950-10-07
Bunker Hill BunnyBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam Von Schamm (voice)1950-09-23
The DuckstersPorky Pig, Daffy Duck1950-09-02
Dog Gone SouthCharlie Dog, Colonel, Belvedere1950-08-26
Hillbilly HareBugs Bunny / Curt Martin (voice)1950-08-12
Golden YeggsPorky Pig, Daffy Duck, Rocky, Nick1950-08-05
It's Hummer TimeCat, Humming Bird, Bulldog, Bee1950-07-21
8 Ball BunnyBugs Bunny / Hobo / Man Drinking Mint Julip / Natives (voice)1950-07-08
All a Bir-r-r-rdSylvester / Tweety / Conductor / Dog1950-06-24
What's Up Doc?Bugs Bunny / Al Jolson / Eddie Cantor / Director (voice)1950-06-17
An Egg ScramblePorky Pig, Pretty Boy Bagel1950-05-27
Champagne for CaesarCaesar (voice)1950-05-11
Big House Bunny1950-04-23
The Hypo-Chondri-CatHubie / Claude Cat (voice)1950-04-15
Strife with FatherBeaky Buzzard / Narrator / Monte - shouting voice (voice)1950-04-01
Homeless HareBugs Bunny1950-03-11
The Lion's BusyBeaky Buzzard / Lion / Vocal Effects (voice)1950-02-18
Mutiny on the BunnyBugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam1950-02-11
Boobs in the WoodsDaffy Duck, Porky Pig1950-01-28
Hurdy-Gurdy HareBugs Bunny (voice)1950-01-20
Home, Tweet HomeSylvester / Tweety (voice)1950-01-14
The Scarlet PumpernickelDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Sylvester / Highwayman / J.L. / Elmer Fudd (voice)1950-01-01
Rabbit HoodBugs Bunny / Sheriff of Nottingham / Little John (voice)1949-12-24
A Ham in a RoleDog, Mac1949-12-13
Bear FeatOther voices1949-12-10
Hippety HopperMouse, Sylvester, Bulldog1949-11-19
For Scent-imental ReasonsPepe Le Pew / Perfume Shop Owner / Gendarme (voice)1949-11-12
Bye, Bye BluebeardPorky Pig, Mouse, Bluebeard1949-10-22
Swallow the LeaderCat1949-10-13
Frigid Hare1949-10-07
Each Dawn I CrowJohn Rooster (voice)1949-09-23
Fast and Furry-ousCoyote Effects (voice)1949-09-17
Dough for the Do-DoPorky Pig (voice)1949-09-03
The Windblown HareBugs Bunny / The Three Little Pigs / Big Bad Wolf (voice)1949-08-27
Often an OrphanPorky, Charlie Dog, Charlie Dog's Master1949-08-12
The Grey Hounded HareBugs Bunny, Announcer, Dogs1949-08-06
It's a Great FeelingBugs Bunny (voice) (uncredited)1949-08-01
Bad Ol' Putty TatSylvester / Tweety (voice)1949-07-23
Knights Must FallBugs Bunny / Sir Pantsalot / Usher / Announcer (voice)1949-07-16
Long-Haired HareBugs Bunny / Giovanni Jones - screaming / Maestro / Delivery Boy / Musicians (voice)1949-06-25
Neptune's DaughterPancho1949-06-10
Bowery BugsBugs Bunny1949-06-04
Curtain RazorPorky Pig / Grasshopper / Turtle / Al Jolson / Janitor / Dog / Flea Circus Dog (voice)1949-05-21
High Diving HareBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Telegram Boy (voice)1949-04-30
Mouse WreckersHubie / Claude (voice)1949-04-23
My Dream Is YoursBugs Bunny / Tweety (voice)1949-04-15
Rebel RabbitBugs Bunny, Postal Employee, Game Commissioner, Guard, Southern Senator1949-04-09
Daffy Duck HuntDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Barnyard Dog (voice)1949-03-26
Paying the PiperPorky Pig, Supreme Cat, Various Cats, Mayor1949-03-11
Mississippi HareBugs Bunny, Southern Gentleman, Purser1949-02-26
Porky ChopsPorky Pig / Squirrel / Bear (voice)1949-02-12
Awful OrphanPorky Pig, Charlie Dog1949-01-29
Hare DoBugs Bunny, Usher1949-01-15
Wise QuackersDaffy Duck (voice)1949-01-01
Scrappy Birthday1949-01-01
So Much for So LittleJohnny Jones1949-01-01
Scaredy CatPorky Pig / Mouse in Cuckoo Clock / Sylvester1948-12-18
My Bunny Lies Over the SeaBugs Bunny/Angus MacRory1948-12-14
Riff Raffy DaffyDaffy Duck, Porky Pig (voice)1948-11-26
The Stupor SalesmanDaffy Duck, Slug McSlug, Radio Announcer, Newspaper Boy, Police Dispatcher1948-11-19
Kit for CatSylvester / Kitten / Melvin / Landlord (voice)1948-11-05
Daffy DillyDaffy Duck / Reporter / Butler / J.P. Cubish1948-10-30
A-Lad-in His LampBugs Bunny/Caliph Hassen Pheffer1948-10-22
The Foghorn LeghornFoghorn Leghorn / Barnyard Dawg / Henery Hawk / Grandpa Hawk (voice)1948-10-09
House Hunting MiceHubie (voice)1948-10-07
Odor of the DayPepe le Pew1948-10-01
Hare SplitterBugs Bunny / Casbah (voice)1948-09-25
Two Guys from TexasBugs Bunny (voice)1948-08-27
Hot Cross BunnyBugs Bunny / Doctor (voice)1948-08-21
Dough Ray Me-owLouie the Parrot / Heathcliff / Radio Music (voice)1948-08-14
You Were Never DuckierDaffy Duck / Henery Hawk / Rooster / George K. Chickenhawk / Contest Moderator1948-08-07
Haredevil HareBugs Bunny / Marvin the Martian / K-9 / Radio Jingle Singer / Control Center Technicians (voice)1948-07-24
The Up-Standing SitterDaffy Duck, I. Squeel, Hen, Baby Chick1948-07-02
Bugs Bunny Rides AgainBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam (voice)1948-06-12
Bone Sweet BoneCurator / Shep (voice)1948-05-21
The Bee-Deviled BruinVocal effects (voice)1948-05-13
Buccaneer BunnyBugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Polly Parrot (voice)1948-05-08
Hop, Look and ListenSylvester (voice)1948-04-16
Rabbit PunchBugs Bunny / Ring Announcer (voice)1948-04-10
April ShowersBuster's Midget Impersonation (voice) (uncredited)1948-03-27
Back Alley OproarSylvester1948-03-25
Daffy Duck Slept HereDaffy Duck, Porky Pig1948-03-06
What's Brewin', Bruin?Papa Bear's Yell / Mama Bear (voice) (uncredited)1948-02-27
What Makes Daffy DuckDaffy Duck / Fox (voice)1948-02-14
A Feather in His HareBugs Bunny / Baby Rabbits / Indian Screaming (voice)1948-02-06
Gorilla My DreamsBugs Bunny/Gruesome Gorilla/Mrs. Gruesome/Tarzan (voice)1948-01-03
The Bandmaster1947-12-22
A Horse Fly FleasFlea (voice)1947-12-13
Catch as Cats CanSylvester (voice)1947-12-05
Slick HareBugs Bunny / Waiter / Bartender / Ray Milland (voice)1947-11-01
The Foxy Duckling1947-08-22
A Pest in the HouseDaffy Duck / Drunk / Narrator (voice)1947-08-02
Crowing PainsFoghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, Barnyard Dog, Henery Hawk1947-07-12
Easter YeggsBugs Bunny / Easter Rabbit / Bratty Kid (voice)1947-06-28
Along Came DaffyDaffy Duck / Yosemite Sam / Sam's Brother / Duck Decoys (voice)1947-06-03
Rabbit TransitBugs Bunny / Cecil Turtle / Deliverymen / Telegram Boys (voice)1947-05-10
Tweetie PieTweety / Thomas aka Sylvester1947-05-02
Birth of a NotionDaffy Duck, Leopold, Joe Besser Duck (voice)1947-04-12
A Hare Grows in ManhattanBugs Bunny / Spike / Dogs (voice)1947-03-22
Scent-imental Over YouPepe le Pew1947-03-07
One Meat Brawl1947-01-18
Roughly SqueakingHubie / Cat / Dog (voice)1946-11-23
Rhapsody RabbitBugs Bunny (voice)1946-11-09
The Mouse-Merized CatCatstello1946-10-18
The Big SnoozeBugs Bunny / Hollywood Wolf (voice)1946-10-05
Racketeer RabbitBugs Bunny / Hugo (voice)1946-09-14
Walky Talky HawkyFoghorn Leghorn / Henery Hawk / Barnyard Dog / Henry Hawk1946-08-31
Bacall to ArmsWolf / Fat Theater Patron / Henpecked Husband / Lion / Duckling / Rochester Soundalike (voice) (uncredited)1946-08-03
The Great Piggy Bank RobberyDaffy Duck / Duck Twacy / Wolf Man / Rubber Head / Neon Noodle / Pig1946-07-20
Acrobatty BunnyBugs Bunny / Nero the Lion / Elephant Trumpeting (voice)1946-06-29
Hollywood DaffyDaffy Duck1946-06-21
Kitty KorneredPorky Pig / Sylvester / Small Cat / Tiny Cat / Drunk Cat / Goldfish Wife / Moose / Narrator (voice)1946-06-08
El Gallo ClaudioFoghorn Leghorn / Barnyard Dog1946-06-01
Hair-Raising HareBugs Bunny / Scientist / Gossamer (voice)1946-05-25
Apple Andy1946-05-20
Hush My MouseFilligan / Artie the Manager (voice)1946-05-03
Hollywood Canine CanteenDog voices1946-04-19
Daffy DoodlesDaffy Duck, Porky Pig1946-04-06
Hare RemoverBugs Bunny, Rover1946-03-23
Baby BottleneckPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / Narrator / Stork / Scotty Dog / Dog Inventor / Various Babies (voice)1946-03-16
Private Snafu Presents Seaman Tarfu in the NavySeaman Tarfu / Dispatcher / Dog / Sailors / Lady / Japanese Soldier (voice)1946-03-02
Holiday for ShoestringsElves1946-02-22
Baseball BugsBugs Bunny / Additonal Voices (voice)1946-02-02
Book RevueDaffy Duck / Big Bad Wolf / Cop / Cuckoo / Sailor / Henry VIII / Mice (voice)1946-01-05
Nasty QuacksDaffy Duck / Agnes' Father / Baby Duck1945-12-01
Tokyo WoesJapanese Announcer / Sad Sack / Singing Bond1945-11-15
The Good EggShoulder Angel / Shoulder Devil / War Bond Allotment Baby (voice) (uncredited)1945-11-15
The Return of Mr. HookSailors1945-11-15
Hare TonicBugs Bunny (voice)1945-11-10
Operation SnafuPvt. Snafu1945-10-15
No Buddy AtollPvt. Snafu1945-10-15
The Bashful BuzzardOther voices1945-09-13
Fresh AiredaleShep, Cat, Other Voices1945-08-25
Herr Meets HareBugs Bunny, Goering, Hitler1945-08-18
Hare ConditionedBugs Bunny1945-08-11
Wagon HeelsPorky Pig, Injun Joe, Sloppy Moe, Trail Boss1945-07-25
Hot SpotPvt. Snafu / Camel (voice)1945-07-15
A Tale of Two MiceCatstello / Cat's Meow (voice)1945-06-30
A Gruesome TwosomeTweety / Durante Cat / Dumb Cat1945-06-09
Ain't That DuckyDaffy Duck / Sobbing Duckling (voice) (uncredited)1945-05-18
It's Murder She Says...Pvt. Snafu (voice)1945-05-15
Hare TriggerBugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam1945-05-05
A Few Quick Facts: FearPvt. Snafu1945-04-15
Woody Dines OutWoody Woodpecker (archive sound)1945-03-31
Life with FeathersSylvester the Cat / Lovebird / Telegram Guy (voice)1945-03-24
Trap Happy PorkyPorky Pig / Mouse / Drunk Cats / Bulldog (voice)1945-02-23
In the AleutiansPvt. Snafu1945-02-15
The Unruly HareBugs Bunny (voice)1945-02-09
Chew-Chew BabyWoody Woodpecker (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)1945-02-04
Enemy BacteriaGerms1945-01-29
Draftee DaffyDaffy Duck, The Little Man from the Draft Board1945-01-27
Odor-Able KittyPepe le Pew1945-01-06
Stage Door CartoonBugs Bunny, Southern Sheriff1944-12-30
The Stupid CupidDaffy Duck, Rooster, Dog, Cat, Bluebird, Emily1944-11-25
Ski For TwoWoody Woodpecker (archive sound)1944-11-12
The Old Grey HareBugs Bunny / God (voice)1944-10-28
Target SnafuPvt. Snafu1944-10-15
The Beach NutWoody Woodpecker (voice)1944-10-15
Booby HatchedRobespierre - Bear1944-10-14
Plane DaffyDaffy Duck, Pigeon 13, Hitler, Goering, Goebels1944-09-16
Pay DayPvt. Snafu1944-09-15
Three BrothersPvt. Snafu1944-09-15
Buckaroo BugsBugs Bunny / Red Hot Ryder / Villagers (voice)1944-08-26
Birdy and the BeastTweety / Putty Tat (voice)1944-08-19
OutpostPvt. Snafu1944-08-15
Jasper Goes HuntingBugs Bunny (voice / uncredited)1944-07-27
Brother BratPorky Pig/Baby Butch1944-07-15
CensoredPvt. Snafu / Technical Fairy - First Class / Japanese Soldier (voice) (uncredited)1944-07-15
Johnny Doesn't Live Here AnymoreGremlin (voice) (uncredited)1944-07-07
Hare Ribbin'Bugs Bunny, Russian Dog (Elmer Fudd voice) (voice)1944-06-24
Fish Fry1944-06-19
The Chow HoundPvt. Snafu / Bull / Army Chef (voice) (uncredited)1944-06-15
Lost and FoundlingOrville (voice) (uncredited)1944-06-06
Duck Soup to NutsPorky Pig, Daffy Duck1944-05-27
Russian RhapsodyAdolf Hitler / Gremlin from the Kremlin (voice)1944-05-20
GasPvt. Snafu / Bugs Bunny / Soldier / General (voice) (uncredited)1944-05-15
Swooner CroonerPorky Pig / Al Jolson Rooster (voice) (uncredited)1944-05-06
Private Snafu - GasPrivate Snafu1944-05-01
Bugs Bunny Nips the NipsBugs Bunny (voice)1944-04-21
The Barber of SevilleWoody Woodpecker (voice)1944-04-21
A Lecture on CamouflagePrivate Snafu / Technical Fairy - First Class / German Soldier / German General (voice) (uncredited)1944-04-15
Tick Tock TuckeredPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / Boss (voice)1944-04-08
The Weakly ReporterCop, Man Sharing Car Parts, Meat Department Clerk, Robber, Politician1944-03-24
Private Snafu vs. Malaria MikePvt. Snafu / Malaria Mike / Tree (voice) (uncredited)1944-03-15
SnafupermanPvt. Snafu / Narrator / Soldier, Technical Ferry - First Class (voice) (uncredited)1944-03-15
Position FiringTrigger Joe (voice)1944-03-13
I Got Plenty of MuttonWolf / Killer Diller (voice) (uncredited)1944-03-11
A Few Quick Facts: InflationPvt. Snafu1944-03-02
Bugs Bunny and the Three BearsBugs Bunny / Henry 'Papa' Bear (voice)1944-02-26
Hare ForceBugs Bunny1944-02-22
Meatless FlydayAir Raid Warden (voice)1944-01-28
Booby TrapsPvt. Snafu / Camel (voice) (uncredited)1944-01-15
What's Cookin' Doc?Bugs / Emcee / Hiawatha / Audience / Wolf (voice) (uncredited)1944-01-08
Little Red Riding RabbitBugs Bunny (voice)1944-01-04
Going HomePvt. Snafu1944-01-01
Puss n' BootyRudolph - Petey Bird (voice)1943-12-10
An Itch in TimeDog / Cat / A. Flea - screaming (voice)1943-12-04
RumorsPvt. Snafu / Soldiers / Rumor Mongers (voice)1943-12-01
Learn and LiveOil Temperature Gauge (voice)1943-11-26
Daffy - The CommandoDaffy Duck, Von Vulture, Hitler1943-11-20
Inki and the Minah BirdLion1943-11-12
The Home FrontPvt. Snafu / Narrator / Sally Lou's Lover / Technical Ferry - First Class / Cat / Horse / Grandpa (voice) (uncredited)1943-11-01
Falling HareBugs Bunny / The Gremlin (voice) (uncredited)1943-10-30
Fighting ToolsPrivate Snafu / German Soldier / Mouse / Duck (voice) (uncredited)1943-10-01
The Little BroadcastVarious (voice) (uncredited)1943-09-25
A Corny ConcertoBugs Bunny / Dog / Swans / Daffy Duck1943-09-25
Hiss and Make UpRoscoe / Cat (voice) (uncredited)1943-09-10
The Infantry BluesPvt. Snafu / Technical Fairy - First Class (voice)1943-09-01
The Gold BrickPvt. Snafu1943-09-01
Scrap Happy DaffyVarious (voice)1943-08-20
SpiesPrivate Snafu1943-08-01
Ration BoredWoody Woodpecker (archive sound)1943-07-25
Porky Pig's FeatPorky Pig, Daffy Duck, Broken Arms Hotel Manager, Elevator Gambler, Bugs Bunny1943-07-17
Yankee Doodle DaffyDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Sleepy Lagoon - Coughing (voice)1943-07-03
Wackiki WabbitBugs Bunny (voice)1943-07-03
GripesPvt. Snafu1943-07-01
The Aristo-CatCat / Madam / Meadows (voice)1943-06-18
Fifth Column MouseMice, Cat1943-06-15
Jack-Wabbit and the BeanstalkBugs Bunny / Giant / Narrator (voice) (uncredited)1943-06-12
Coming!! SnafuPvt. Snafu (voice) (uncredited)1943-06-01
The Dizzy AcrobatWoody Woodpecker (voice)1943-05-20
Greetings BaitWacky Worm / Jerry Colonna (voice) (uncredited)1943-05-14
The Wise Quacking DuckDaffy Duck / Mr. Meek (voice)1943-05-01
The Unbearable BearBurglar / Officer Bear (voice)1943-04-16
Super-RabbitBugs Bunny/Cottontail Smith/Narrator (voice) (uncredited)1943-04-03
Hop and GoScottish Rabbits, Baby Bird1943-03-26
To Duck.... Or Not to DuckDaffy Duck / Duck Referee / Duck Spectators / Laramore (voice) (uncredited)1943-03-06
Tortoise Wins by a HareBugs Bunny / Cecil Turtle / Mrs. Turtle (voice) (uncredited)1943-02-20
The ScrewballWoody Woodpecker (archive sound)1943-02-14
Pigs in a PolkaBig Bad Wolf / Third Little Pig (voice) (uncredited)1943-02-01
Confusions of a Nutzy SpyPorky Pig, Eggbert, Missing Lynx1943-01-23
Strictly G.I.Himself1943-01-01
Tokio JokioVarious Characters (voice)1943-01-01
Case of the Missing HareBugs Bunny / Ala Bahma (voice)1942-12-12
My Favorite DuckDaffy Duck / Porky Pig / Eagle / Baby Eagle (voice)1942-12-05
Ding Dog Daddy1942-12-04
A Tale of Two KittiesCatstello / Tweety (voice)1942-11-21
The Hare-Brained HypnotistBugs Bunny (voice)1942-10-31
The Loan StrangerWoody Woodpecker (archive sound)1942-10-18
The Hep CatThe Hep Cat / Rosebud1942-10-03
The Dover Boys at Pimento UniversityDan Backslide / telegraph boy (voice) (uncredited)1942-09-19
Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to DinnerPiano-Playing Narrator / Moth / Rochester (voice) (uncredited)1942-08-22
Fresh HareBugs Bunny (voice)1942-08-21
Foney Fables1942-08-01
The DucktatorsHitler Duck, Hirohito Duck, Other voices1942-08-01
Bugs Bunny Gets the BoidBugs Bunny / Little Buzzards (voice) (uncredited)1942-07-11
Wacky BlackoutNarrator, Various Animals1942-07-10
Ace in the HoleWoody Woodpecker (voice)1942-06-21
Hold the Lion, PleaseBugs Bunny/Monkey/Giraffe/Mrs. Bugs Bunny (voice) (uncredited)1942-06-06
Lights FantasticEye Test Announcer, Singing Clown, Bus Driver, Man With Cold1942-05-22
The Draft HorseDraft Horse, Other voices1942-05-09
The Wacky WabbitBugs Bunny (voice)1942-05-02
Bugs Bunny! That Wacky WabbitBugs Bunny1942-05-02
Daffy's Southern ExposureDaffy Duck (voice) (uncredited)1942-05-01
Horton Hatches the EggMouse / Hunters / Audience Member (voice) (uncredited)1942-04-11
Jungle BookKaa (voice)1942-04-03
Any Bonds Today?Bugs Bunny / Porky Pig (voice)1942-03-30
The Wabbit Who Came to SupperBugs Bunny / Telegram Boy / Delivery Man (voice)1942-03-28
Crazy CruiseVoices1942-03-26
Conrad the SailorDaffy Duck1942-02-28
Who's Who in the ZooPorky Pig / Animals (voice) (uncredited)1942-02-14
The Hollywood MatadorWoody Woodpecker (archive sound)1942-02-08
Porky's Pastry PiratesPorky Pig1942-01-17
Porky's PoochPorky Pig / Rover / Sandy (voice) (uncredited)1941-12-26
The Cagey CanaryCanary / Cat (voice) (uncredited)1941-12-25
Wabbit TwoubleBugs Bunny / Bear (voice) (uncredited)1941-12-20
Pantry PanicWoody Woodpecker Laugh (archive sound) (uncredited)1941-11-23
How War CameHitler1941-11-07
All This and Rabbit StewBugs Bunny (voice)1941-09-20
The Henpecked DuckPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / Junior Duck (voice)1941-08-29
Rookie RevueDrill Sergeant, Soldiers, Stupid Soldier, General1941-08-24
Speaking of Animals Down on the FarmVarious Animals (voice) (uncredited)1941-08-18
The Merry Mouse CafeElmer / Mouse Announcer / Mouse (voice)1941-08-15
The ScrewdriverWoody Woodpecker / Motorcycle Cop1941-08-10
Aviation VacationNative Chief / Translator / Ostrich / Sick Butterfly (voice) (uncredited)1941-08-09
Playing the Pied PiperCat / Mouse (voice)1941-08-08
The Cuckoo I.Q.Radio Quiz Show Contestant (voice)1941-07-24
Woody WoodpeckerWoody Woodpecker / Dr. Horace N. Buggy / Voice #21941-07-16
Salt Water DaffyNavy Captain / Sailors / Admiral (voice)1941-07-09
The Heckling HareBugs Bunny1941-07-05
Meet John DoughboyPorky Pig / Soldiers / Horse / Chicken / Spitter Plane / Rochester (voice) (uncredited)1941-07-05
Hiawatha's Rabbit HuntBugs Bunny / Hiawatha (voice) (uncredited)1941-06-07
Hollywood Steps OutJerry Colonna / Peter Lorre (voice) (uncredited)1941-05-24
Farm FrolicsVoices1941-05-10
The Trial of Mr. WolfMr. Wolf, Owl Judge, Dog Defense Attorney, Birdie1941-04-25
Porky's PreviewPorky Pig1941-04-19
The Little MoleProfessor Primrose Skunk / B.O. (voice) (uncredited)1941-04-05
Hysterical High Spots in American HistoryCrow's Nest Lookout / Christopher Columbus / Ponce De Leon / Pilgrims / Dog / Real Estate Salesman / Cat / Paul Revere / Minutemen / Robert Fulton / Old Man / Telegraph Operator / Thomas Edison / Recording Voice1941-03-30
Goofy GroceriesCrab / Jack Bunny / Chicken Pie / Dog / Gorilla / Black Boy / Superman (voice) (uncredited)1941-03-29
Porky's Bear FactsPorky Pig/Bear/Cow/Dog/Mouse (voice)1941-03-28
Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie BeatBoat Captain / Mammy / Fighter One / Fighter Two / Various (voice)1941-03-27
The CarpentersMr. Teewilliger, Clancy (voice)1941-03-15
Tortoise Beats HareBugs Bunny / Cecil Turtle / Chester Turtle / Turtles (voice) (uncredited)1941-03-15
It Happened to CrusoeRobinson Crusoe (voice)1941-03-14
The Cat's TaleMouse / Cat / Dog (voice) (uncredited)1941-03-01
The Way of All PestsVarious Bugs (voice)1941-02-28
The Little TheaterCoo-Coo Bird / Pie (voice)1941-02-27
The Haunted MouseCat1941-02-14
The Crackpot QuailQuail (voice) (uncredited)1941-02-14
The Fighting 69½thBlack Ant, Red Ant Captain, Black Ant General1941-01-18
Mrs. LadybugBrush Salesman / Spider (voice) (uncredited)1940-12-21
Shop Look & ListenLittle Blabbermouth (voice)1940-12-20
Of Fox and HoundsFox / Bear (voice) (uncredited)1940-12-07
Knock KnockPapa Panda / Woody Woodpecker / The Two Sanitarium Woodpeckers1940-11-24
The Lonesome StrangerLone Stranger / Killer Diller Boy Leader / Sheriff / Indian Telegramer (voice) (uncredited)1940-11-23
Wacky WildlifeDeer / Bird / Bob Cat / Mouse / Alligator / Pig / Termite / Coyote / Wild Dog (voice) (uncredited)1940-11-08
The Mad HatterVarious Characters1940-11-02
The Sour PussPorky Pig, Cat, Flying Fish1940-11-01
Good Night ElmerElmer Fudd (voice)1940-10-25
Mouse Meets LionMonkey (voice)1940-10-25
Prehistoric PorkyPorky Pig / Prehistoric Black Panther / Rover / Vulture / Tyrannosaurus Rex / Singing Bird (voice) (uncredited)1940-10-12
School Boy DreamsElmer / Worm (voice)1940-09-24
Malibu Beach PartyWinchester / Crab (voice) (uncredited)1940-09-14
Tangled TelevisionVarious (voice)1940-08-30
Patient PorkyPorky Pig / Dr. Chilled Air / Elevator Operator / Rabbit / Bugs Bunny / Oliver Owl / Scottish Dog / Program Seller (voice) (uncredited)1940-08-24
Ceiling HeroVarious (voice) (uncredited)1940-08-23
Romeo in RhythmMilkman Crow / Henry Morton Stanley Crow (voice) (uncredited)1940-08-10
A Wild HareBugs Bunny / Skunk (voice) (uncredited)1940-07-27
The Bookworm TurnsRaven / Dr. Jekyll / Giant Bookworm (voice) (uncredited)1940-07-20
The Egg CollectorOwl (voice) (uncredited)1940-07-20
Little BlabbermouseLittle Blabbermouth (voice)1940-07-05
Circus TodayBalloon Vendor / Firewalker / Monkey / Stork / Gorilla / Elephant / Conductor (voice) (uncredited)1940-06-21
Tom Turkey and His Harmonica HumdingersTom Turkey (voice) (uncredited)1940-06-08
A Gander at Mother GooseHumpty Dumpty / Jack / Big Bad Wolf / Dog / Eagle / Mouse (voice) (uncredited)1940-05-25
You Ought to Be in PicturesPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / Animator / Studio Guard / Movie Director / Stagehand (voice) (uncredited)1940-05-18
Porky's Poor FishPorky Pig / Cat / Whistling Mouse / Lunch Whistle / Turtle / Tuna (voice) (uncredited)1940-04-26
The Hardship of Miles StandishMiles Standish - Indians (voice)1940-04-26
The Bear's TaleWolf (voice) (uncredited)1940-04-13
Slap Happy PappyPorky Pig1940-04-13
Confederate HoneyColonel O'Hairoil / Lazy Slave (voice) (uncredited)1940-03-29
Pilgrim PorkyPorky Pig1940-03-15
Blackboard RevueVarious (voice) (uncredited)1940-03-15
Cross Country DetoursBear / Scoutmaster / Polar Bear / Bobcat / Grand Canyon Tourist / Gila Monster / Husky (voice) (uncredited)1940-03-15
Elmer's Candid CameraRabbit (voice) (uncredited)1940-03-02
Man of TinWrestler (voice)1940-02-23
PinocchioGideon (hiccup) (voice) (uncredited)1940-02-23
Broadway Melody of 1940Panhandler (uncredited)1940-02-09
The Curious PuppyLittle Puppy (voice) (uncredited)1939-12-29
The Film FanPorky Pig / Theater Usher / Cold Promise / Professor Widebottom / Sterling (voice) (uncredited)1939-12-16
Peace on EarthVoices (uncredited)1939-12-09
Sniffles and the BookwormVarious (voice) (uncredited)1939-12-01
Dreams on IceScrappy (voice) (uncredited)1939-10-19
Jeepers Creepers1939-09-23
Crop ChasersScarecrow (Voice)1939-09-22
Little Brother RatFather Owl / Baby Owls (voice)1939-09-01
Porky's HotelPorky Pig / Gabby Goose / Gouty Goat (voice) (uncredited)1939-09-01
Silly SuperstitionLil' Eightball1939-08-27
A Haunting We Will GoLil' Eightball (voice)1939-08-27
The BookwormRaven / Racket-Buster (voice) (uncredited)1939-08-25
Hare-um Scare-umHunter / Rabbit / Dog (voice) (uncredited)1939-08-12
Snuffy's PartySnuffy Skunk (voice)1939-08-07
Wise QuacksDaffy Duck, Porky Pig, Eagle, Baby Duckling, Dog1939-08-04
Dangerous Dan McFooCharacter Who Fights Dan McFoo (voice) (uncredited)1939-07-15
Old GloryPorky Pig (voice)1939-07-07
Polar PalsPorky Pig (voice) (uncredited)1939-06-02
Naughty But Mice1939-05-19
Art GalleryLaughing Cavalier / Henry VII / Town Crier (voice) (uncredited)1939-05-13
Thugs with Dirty MugsTattle-Tale Bank Clerk / Annoyed Mobster / Secret Agents / Man in Audience1939-05-06
Porky and TeabiscuitPorky Pig / Porky's Poppa / Grandpa / Horse Trainers / Race Starter (voice) (uncredited)1939-04-22
Daffy Duck and the DinosaurDaffy Duck1939-04-22
Bars and Stripes ForeverWarden Paws / Prisoners / Barber1939-04-08
Prest-O Change-OCuckoo Clock / Dog Laughing / Dog Hiccup / Rabbit Laugh (voice) (uncredited)1939-03-25
A Day at the ZooEgghead / Elk Named Bill / Monkey / Parrot / Stool Pigeon / Mother Ostrich / Joe Jumbo / Wildcat (voice) (uncredited)1939-03-11
Porky's Movie MysteryPorky Pig1939-03-10
Jitterbug FolliesCount Screwloose (voice) (uncredited)1939-02-25
Robin Hood Makes GoodFox (voice)1939-02-10
The Magic BeansGiant Mouse (voice)1939-01-30
Seal SkinnersJohn Silver, Radio Announcer (voice) (uncredited)1939-01-28
Wanted: No MasterCount Screwloose (voice)1939-01-09
The Lone Stranger and PorkySilver (voice)1939-01-06
Petunia Natural ParkCar Motor / Drunk Fawn (voice) (uncredited)1939-01-03
The Mice Will PlayCat (voice) (uncredited)1938-12-17
The Captain's ChristmasJohn Silver (voice) (uncredited)1938-12-17
Count Me OutRecord Boxing Coach / Old Mailman / Fighter's Yell1938-12-17
Porky the GobPorky Pig (voice)1938-12-16
The Lone MountieKrazy Kat / Yukon Jake (voice)1938-12-10
Daffy Duck in HollywoodDaffy Duck / I. M. Stupendous / Rooster Actor / Assistant Directors (voice) (uncredited)1938-12-03
The Daffy DocDaffy Duck, Porky Pig1938-11-26
The Night WatchmanTough Mice (voice)1938-11-18
Porky in EgyptPorky Pig / Humpty Bumpty / Various Egyptians / 'Da Voices' (voice)1938-11-05
You're an EducationLone Stranger (voice)1938-11-04
Porky's Naughty NephewPorky Pig (voice)1938-10-14
Little Pancho VanillaLittle Pancho Vanilla1938-10-07
The Winning TicketJohn Silver (voice) (uncredited)1938-10-01
Porky in WackylandPorky Pig / The Do-Do / Various Wackyland Citizens (voice) (uncredited)1938-09-24
Cracked IceRussian Dogs / Drowning Bird / Drunk Fish / Skating Judge1938-09-10
Wholly SmokePorky Pig, Bully1938-08-26
Porky & DaffyPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / The Champ / Pelican Referee (voice) (uncredited)1938-08-06
Porky's Spring PlantingPorky Pig (voice)1938-07-24
Cinderella Meets FellaCuckoo Clock / Royal Guard / Screaming Cinderella (voice) (uncredited)1938-07-23
Porky's PartyPorky Pig, Black Fury, Penguin1938-06-25
Have You Got Any Castles?Town Crier / Praying Baby / Rip Van Winkle / Emily Host / Alladin1938-06-25
Porky the FiremanPorky Pig, Slow Dog1938-06-03
Now That Summer Is GoneJunior / Gambler (voice)1938-05-13
Porky's Hare HuntPorky Pig / Rabbit (voice)1938-04-30
Porky's Five & TenPorky Pig / Fish / Radio Announcer (voice)1938-04-15
Poultry PiratesDuck1938-04-15
A Star Is HatchedDirector Yelling 'Cut' (voice) (uncredited)1938-04-02
Porky's Phoney ExpressPorky Pig (voice)1938-03-18
What Price PorkyPorky Pig / Daffy Duck / Hen (voice) (uncredited)1938-02-25
Breakdowns of 1938Porky Pig (voice)1938-02-07
Porky at the CrocaderoPorky Pig1938-02-04
Porky's PoppaPorky Pig / Porky's Poppa / Narrator (voice) (uncredited)1938-01-15
Daffy Duck & EggheadDaffy Duck / Turtle Referee / Nut House Duck (voice) (uncredited)1938-01-01
Little Red Walking HoodEgghead (voice) (uncredited)1937-12-22
The Woods Are Full of CuckoosMr. Growlin1937-12-03
Porky's Hero AgencyPorky Pig (voice)1937-12-03
Railroad RhythmKrazy Kat1937-11-20
Porky's Double TroublePorky Pig1937-11-12
The Case of the Stuttering PigPorky Pig / Guy in the Third Row (voice) (uncredited)1937-10-30
The Lyin' MouseCat (voice) (uncredited)1937-10-15
Rover's RivalPorky Pig (voice)1937-10-08
I Wanna Be a SailorGabby Duckling (voice) (uncredited)1937-09-25
Porky's Garden1937-09-11
Speaking of the WeatherConductor / Cholly Jam / Walter Snitchall1937-09-04
Get Rich Quick PorkyPorky Pig (voice)1937-08-28
Porky's RailroadPorky Pig (voice) (uncredited)1937-08-06
Spring FestivalGroundhog1937-08-05
Ain't We Got FunCat / Old Man / Elevator Mouse (voice) (uncredited)1937-08-01
Egghead Rides AgainEgghead (voice) (uncredited)1937-07-17
Porky's Super ServicePorky Pig (voice) (uncredited)1937-07-03
Porky's BuildingPorky Pig (voice)1937-06-18
Porky and GabbyPorky Pig / Gabby Goat / Truck Driver1937-05-15
Porky's Duck HuntPorky Pig / Daffy Duck1937-04-19
She Was an Acrobat's DaughterDole Promise / Hippo / Who Dehr / Stickoutski (voice) (uncredited)1937-04-09
Porky's RomancePetunia Pig (excited)1937-04-03
Picador PorkyDrunk (uncredited)1937-02-26
Porky's Road RacePorky Pig (hiccups) (voice) (uncredited)1937-02-07
A Sunbonnet Blue1937-02-02
Tv Series
Cartoon Alley(archive footage)2004-11-05
The Bob Clampett Show(archive footage)2000-05-21
Bugs N' Daffy(archive footage)1996-09-09
That's Warner Bros!(archive footage)1995-09-11
Heathcliff and the Catillac CatsHeathcliff (voice)1984-09-05
The Flintstone Comedy ShowBarney Rubble / Captain Caveman / Dino1980-02-22
Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyTwiki (voice)1979-09-20
The New Fred and Barney ShowBarney Rubble1979-02-03
Yogi's Space Race1978-09-09
Galaxy Goof-UpsQuack-Up (voice)1978-09-09
Captain Caveman and the Teen AngelsCaptain Caveman1977-09-10
Speed Buggy1973-09-08
Yogi's Gang1973-09-08
The New Scooby-Doo MoviesScorpions trainer (voice)1972-09-09
The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm ShowBarney Rubble1971-09-11
Night Gallery1970-12-16
Where's Huddles?1970-07-01
Samson & GoliathGoliath (voice)1967-09-09
The Secret Squirrel ShowSecret Squirrel (voice)1965-10-02
Gilligan's Island1964-09-26
The MunstersThe Raven (voice) (uncredited)1964-09-24
The Porky Pig Show1964-09-20
Breezly and SneezlySneezly Seal1964-04-20
Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-LongDroop-a-Long1964-01-14
Magilla Gorilla1964-01-14
Burke's Law1963-09-20
The Lucy Show1962-10-01
The JetsonsCosmo S. Spacely (voice)1962-09-23
Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har HarHardy Har Har1962-09-03
The Yogi Bear Show1961-01-30
The FlintstonesBarney Rubble (voice)1960-09-30
Dennis the Menace1959-10-04
Perry Mason1957-09-21
December Bride1954-10-04
Speedy Gonzales1953-03-12
Ralph Wolf and Sam SheepdogRalph Wolf, Sam Sheepdog1953-01-03
The Road Runner Showvarious voices1949-09-16
Andy PandaPapa Panda1939-09-09
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