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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Masako Nozawa is a Japanese actress and voice actress from Tokyo. Throughout her life, she has been affiliated with Production Baobab, 81 Produce and self-owned Office Nozawa; she is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. Her late husband, Masaaki Tsukada, was also a voice actor. As a voice actress, she is best known for the role of Son Goku in the popular anime franchise Dragon Ball, as well as all of Goku's male family relatives (except Raditz) and the villainous Goku Black. She has also voiced Tetsurō Hoshino (Galaxy Express 999) and Kitarō (GeGeGe no Kitarō, first and second series). In addition, she has also voiced two separate characters named "Hiroshi"; a character in Dokonjō Gaeru, and the characters known in the U.S. as "Pidge" and "Haggar" in Hyakujūō Golion. She also voiced Doraemon in the 1973 anime, replacing male actor Kōsei Tomita, who voiced the character in the first 26 episodes. In the 1979 anime ... Read more »

Birthday    :   1936-10-25
Place Of Birth    :   Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Alternate Name    :   野沢雅子
Known Movie/TV Credits    :   Unknown
Last Appeared In    :   Unknown


Weathering with YouFortuneteller (voice)2019-07-19
Dragon Ball Super: BrolySon Goku / Son Goten / Bardock (voice)2018-12-14
Pokémon the Movie: The Power of UsHisui (voice)2018-07-13
I Want to Deliver Your VoiceNagisa no Sobo2017-08-25
Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D at Super Tenkaichi BudokaiGoku (voice) / Gohan (voice) / God Fusion Goku (voice)2017-06-30
Like the WindSanpei2016-07-09
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)2015-04-18
Tomcat's Big AdventureMark (voice)2014-12-20
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of GodsSon Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)2013-03-30
Dragon Ball: Episode of BardockBardock (voice)2011-12-17
Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)2008-09-21
Pokemon: Pikachu's Rescue AdventureElekid (voice)1999-07-17
Galaxy Express 999: Eternal FantasyTetsurou Hoshino (voice)1998-03-07
Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's LegacySon Gokû Jr. / Son Gokû1997-03-26
Dragon Ball: The Path to PowerSon Goku1996-03-02
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the DragonSon Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)1995-07-15
Dragon Ball Z: Fusion RebornSon Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)1995-03-04
Dragon Ball Z: Bio-BrolySon Goku / Son Goten (voice)1994-07-09
Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second ComingSon Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)1994-03-12
Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the SaiyansSon Goku / Son Gohan / Turles (voice)1993-09-23
Dragon Ball Z: Bojack UnboundSon Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1993-07-10
Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super SaiyanSon Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1993-03-06
Dragon Ball Z: The History of TrunksSon Gohan / Son Goku (voice)1993-02-24
Dragon Ball Z: Summer Vacation SpecialSon Goku / Son Gohan (Voice)1992-08-03
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!Son Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1992-07-11
Dragon Ball Z: The Return of CoolerSon Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1992-03-07
The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnHuckleberry Finn (Voice)1991-08-16
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's RevengeSon Goku / Son Gohan / Bardock (voice)1991-07-20
Dragon Ball Z: Lord SlugSon Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1991-03-19
Kayoko's DiaryKisaburo Nakane1991-03-09
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of GokuBardock / Goku (voice)1990-10-17
Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of MightSon Goku / Turles / Son Gohan (voice)1990-06-07
Dragon Ball Z: The World's StrongestSon Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1990-03-10
Dragon Ball Z: Dead ZoneSon Goku / Son Gohan (voice)1989-07-15
The Story of Fifteen BoysCostar (voice)1987-10-19
Cool Cool ByeLek (voice)1986-01-21
Ultraman StoryTaro1984-06-14
The Adventures of GambaGanba1984-03-04
The Green CatGreen (voice)1983-12-24
Kaibutsu-kun - Dēmon no kenCarletto1982-03-13
Adieu Galaxy Express 999Tetsuro Hoshino (voice)1981-08-01
Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Traveller EmeraldasTetsurou Hoshino (voice)1980-04-03
Galaxy Express 999: Claire of GlassTetsurou Hoshino (voice)1980-03-14
Galaxy Express 999Tetsurô Hoshino (voice)1979-08-04
The Legend of ManxmouseHarrison G. Tondemonezumi1979-06-30
GO GET THEM 0011!!Ace (voice)1972-07-16
30,000 Miles Under the SeaIsamu (voice)1970-07-17
Flying Phantom ShipHayato (voice)1969-07-20
Spooky KitaroKitatou (Voix)1968-07-21
Tv Series
Digimon Adventure:Narrator (narración) (voice)2020-04-05
Future FolktalesAsmaa (voice)2020-04-04
Super Dragon Ball HeroesSon Goku / Xeno (voice)2018-07-01
Gegege no KitarouMedama-oyaji2018-04-01
Dragon Ball SuperSon Goku/Black Goku/Son Gohan/Son Goten (voices)2015-07-05
Dragon Ball Z KaiGoku (voice)2009-04-05
Cross GameNomo (voice)2009-04-05
Marie & Gali2009-03-31
Graveyard KitaroKitarō (voice)2008-01-10
Pretty CureSanae Yukishiro2004-02-01
Requiem from the DarknessWhite Hermit2003-10-03
Love Hina2000-04-19
Dual! Parallel Trouble AdventureReika Nanjoin1999-04-08
Dragon Ball GTSon Gohan / Son Goku / Son Goten (voices)1996-02-07
Montana JonesOletta1994-04-02
Dragon Ball ZSon Goten1989-04-26
Blue BlinkKakeru1989-04-07
Dragon BallSon Goku (voice)1986-02-26
Ika no Kabamaru1983-10-20
Alice in WonderlandBenny Bunny (voice)1983-10-10
Beast King GoLionHonerva1981-03-04
The Adventures of Tom SawyerTom Sawyer (voice)1980-01-06
Galaxy Express 9991978-09-14
Toushou DaimosGenta1978-04-01
Ore wa Teppei1977-09-12
The Star of the SeineDanton1975-04-04
CalimeroCalimero's mother1974-10-14
Little Meg the Witch GirlSaturn (voice)1974-04-01
Miracle Girl Limit-chanTomi-san (voice)1973-10-01
Science Ninja Team GatchamanSeiji Nakanishi1972-10-01
Little Witch ChappyIpei (voice)1972-04-03
Pinocchio: The SeriesFranko1972-01-04
Tomorrow's JoeYuri1970-04-01
Spooky KitaroKitarou (voice)1968-01-03
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